Amarillo, Texas – Live the Urban Cowboy Lifestyle

Amarillo Texas is situated in the Llano Estacado region of the state. This is more commonly known as the Staked plain that covers most of New Mexico and Northwestern Texas.  This is true flat Cowboy country with seas of grass that stretch out as far as the eye can see, that is until you arrive at the urban metropolis of Amarillo Texas, which has a population of $900,000.   The city is bordered to the north and northeast d by the Canadian River, Lake Meredith and everywhere else by several oil and natural gas fields. 

In terms of real estate Amarillo is going through a great deal of change with the most of the families and blue-collar workers living in the southern and northwestern part of the city. The downtown, which is the gay-friendliest area, is going through a huge rehabilitation that has included renovations, gentrification and the commissioning of many large art projects.

There are also many historic homes and buildings that re listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The styles of housing range from 1900 to the start of World War II with the newer mid-century style housing tend to be located out in the suburbs. However downtown there are man brand new condos and townhouses to live in as the result of the city’s agenda to do as much redevelopment as possible.  One interesting thing to notice about early city planning is that most of the older homes were built on the west side of the street so that residents could see the magnificent Texas sunrise every morning.

The city is also nearby a number of natural attractions including the Pala Duro Canyon system, which is nearly as large as the Grand Canyon, a hoodoo that looks like lighthouse and a quarry that was once home to prehistoric humans.  However it is the art projects that startle most visitors to the city.  The Cadillac Ranch, which is a monument to painted Cadillac automobiles dug into the ground is located here as is the Dynamite Museum which consists of off-beat road signs with ironic images are also located here.

You have to love horses and the cowboy lifestyle to relocate here. There are all kinds of Rodeos and state fairs here, but if you love the opera the Globe-News center for the Performing Arts is one of the most impressive in the state.

Amarillo is home to a small but very fun and active gay community. The LGBT area is mainly situated with 6th avenue and adjacent streets right in the center of downtown. Well-known gay bars in the area are Kicked Back, Whiskers, 212 Club, The 806, Sassy’s and The R and R.  The gay community also has an LGBT support organization at the OUTstanding Amarillo Community Center “Because the closet is an awful place to live.”

Amarillo, Texas is a wonderful place for gay people to live especially if the love the beauty of the great outdoors.  For advice on what neighborhoods are best for LGBT types to live or invest in it is best to consult with a resident Austin gay realtor who knows the city well.   For more information about Amarillo go to the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce website at

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