Columbia, SC, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Columbia Gay Realtors

Where the Broad River meets the Saluda River sits Columbia, South Carolina. This gorgeous city is the capital of the state and the centerpiece of the Columbia metro area. With more than 134,000 people living in the city proper and a total of more than 767,000 living in the metro area, you’ll make plenty of new friends if you move here.

Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina, the state’s largest university. It’s also home to Fort Jackson, which is the largest basic combat training installation for the U.S. Army. Both bring many people to Columbia temporarily, although a number of graduates and military personnel make the city their permanent home.

There are many different housing options here in Columbia. Many people have recently flocked to the revitalized downtown area. New stores, a large convention center, and new townhouses and high-end condos make it a great place to live, although not necessarily an affordable locale for everyone. For those looking for an LGBTQ sanctuary, check out Earlewood. It is one of the most welcoming parts of Columbia.

Condos in Earlewood aren’t always easy to find. There are a few, but many people aren’t prepared to give them up. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag one for around $100,000. Single-family homes can range from $109,000 to upwards of $400,000.

Columbia Gay Neighborhoods