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Portland Oregon is a beautiful modern city that sits near the meeting of the Wiliamette and Columbia Rivers.  It is the most populated city in Oregon and it has many different neighborhoods, districts and communities that all vary in lifestyle attitudes, character and price. This is why it is very important to consult with a gay realtor Portland housing expert and realtor who know the best area in the city for you to relocate.

The nickname for Portland is the “City of Roses” because it has the perfect client for growing roses.  It is home to many microbreweries and coffee shops. The city has an award winning light rail system and is in close proximity to vast parks and also Mount St Helen’s, Mount Hood and Mount Adams. 

Portland is usually described through its six districts. There is a Southwest Southeast, Northwest, North, Northeast and the Waterfront districts that lie along the river. There are parks everywhere in the city including a large 5000-acre wilderness area known as Forest Park; the largest wild park within city limits in the United States.  Many of the parks are connected through what urban planners describe as the Urban Loop; a series of paths that interconnect neighborhoods.

As of November 2012 (according to Trulia statistics about marketing trends) the average price per square foot for a property in Portland Oregon was $183.  The average listing price for a home was $416,591.00.

The two most popular neighborhoods in Portland include Pwelhurst-Gilbert and Hillside, with average listing prices of $259,769 and $545,991. The cheapest place to live by far is Centennial Pleasant Valley, which has an average listing price of $174,853.  The very cheapest area to live in the city is the Centennial area.

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