Gay Realtor New Hampshire | Top Cities

When looking for a gay friendly city in New Hampshire, one needs to consult somebody who knows the state well. While some realtors will say anything to a potential home buyer, a gay realtor New Hampshire knows where the gay friendly cities really are. For most same-sex couples the worries are the same as for straight couples. Are there good schools? Will the family fit in without problems? Will we be welcomed and enjoy a good quality of life? Yet, things are a bit more complicated for LGBT households. Even in progressive states like New Hampshire, homophobia still lingers in rural country towns.

So, choosing the right city is important for a happy family life. One especially gay-friendly city according to gay realtor New Hampshire is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Churches in the area, particularly the Unitarian Universalist church, are very open and supportive. Social clubs like the Sea Cost Gay Men help the transition into a new community go smoothly. The downtown area is particularly gay-friendly, and bars such as the Red Door are great places to go to meet people. On top of all of that, Portsmouth is only approximately an hour away from Boston, so it's a great place for workers who want to live in a quiet environment and commute to the city.

Gay realtor New Hampshire reports another great LGBT friendly city in New Hampshire is Concord. Often overlooked, Concord is home to many gay friendly churches such as Grace Episcopal Church, East Congregational Church, and Wesley United Methodist Church. Pride Parents of New Hampshire hosts regular meet ups in Concord. The club is an organization of gay parents interested in bringing their families together for child-friendly activities and outings. There are no dues and the meet ups often take place at private homes and sometimes in area restaurants, bowling alleys, arcades, and other kid-friendly places. Real estate in the area is fairly priced, and Concord is home to many grand pieces of historical architecture.

One other gay-friendly city in New Hampshire is Nashua according to gay realtor New Hampshire. Host to an annual Pride Festival, the community is very welcoming as a whole. Interestingly, even the town's Chic-Fil-A is gay-friendly! The business made a brave statement of solidarity by sponsoring the Pride Festival the same year their corporate headquarters came out against gay marriage.

While Portsmouth, Concord, and Nashua are still home to some of those unavoidable right-wing kooks, New Hampshire is very open, gay-friendly and accepting when compared to states in the American Midwest or south as reported by gay realtor New Hampshire.

The welcoming atmosphere combined with beautiful scenery and an LGBT-friendly business community makes New Hampshire a great place to call home!