North Las Vegas NV Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

North Las Vegas Gay Neighborhoods

North Las Vegas, Nevada, is the permanent home to nearly 250,000 people, and is North of the famous Las Vegas Strip. To the West you have the airport, and to the North you have Nellis Air Force Base. The population of this part of the state is always higher due to how many tourists flock to the strip, plus how many events that are held.

The average per capita income is just over $20,000, making North Las Vegas an incredibly affordable place to live. The population is split evenly between men and women, and the average age is 32 years old. This makes for a great place for young adults to live. There are constant LGBT events going on around the city, and it is overwhelmingly accepting to members of the LGBT community.

The average home costs about $180,000 in North Las Vegas, making it considerably less expensive than trying to find a home in the heart of Vegas. However, you can find homes ranging from $100,000 up to millions of dollars. It all depends on if you want a smaller place to call home, or a massive estate that stands out. 

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