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St. Louis Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

St. Louis Gay Neighborhoods

St. Louis, Missouri, is a gorgeous city situated on the Mississippi River.  The Greater St. Louis area actually includes areas in Missouri and Illinois, and a number of people actually commute from the neighboring state for work.  The city is known for the Gateway Arch, one of its most famous landscapes, and for being home to the St. Louis Cardinals, a Major League Baseball team.  A number of major companies, including MasterCard, Microsoft, and Citigroup, also have major offices in St. Louis.

Of course, a city this size is going to have a gay neighborhood.  The Tower Grove area is full of late Victorian homes and a number of restaurants and stores within walking distance.  While many gays and lesbians live here, a number of students do also: Tower Grove is close to both St. Louis University and Washington University.

Condos in the area start out relatively cheaply at $28,000 for a small one-bed.  Even the larger two-bedroom condos are still fairly cheap at around $200,000.  Single family homes range from $89,900 to $425,000.

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