Kansas City: Finding Your Place in the Fountain City

Kansas City is a marvelous midwestern city, celebrated for its unique blend of barbecue, jazz music, and fountains. It is a prominent destination for museum-goers, sports fans, art lovers, and those who want to live in a thriving and diverse city with a warm mid-western feel.

Learn Some Kansas City History

Kansas City Kansas City’s modern-day history began in the 19th century when Frenchman from St. Louis Missouri moved further up the Missouri River to begin trapping furs and trading with the Native Americans who lived in the area. As a city that straddles the border between Missouri and Kansas, and because it was located on the river, Kansas City Became a primary point for commerce in the area. As Kansas City continued to grow, it became a city known for many things, including jazz music, many excellent museums, and delicious barbecue to name a few. Beyond that however, it is a city full of friendly people in a variety of unique neighborhoods. Kansas City has a growing economy full of opportunity, and plenty to see and do-more than enough to fit anyone’s interests. Truly, it would be a wonderful place to call home!

Some Fun Facts About Kansas City

  • At 1805 acres, Kansas City’s Swope Park is more than twice the size of Central Park in New York City.
  • Kansas City has more barbecue restaurants per capita than any other city in the United States.
  • Kansas City has over 200 fountains, giving it the nickname, “The City of Fountains”.

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The LGBTQ Community in Kansas City

Kansas City is a diverse community that celebrates all that different communities and people bring to the city. The LGBTQ community is well supported through a variety of community resources, some of which include:

PFLAG Kansas City

PFLAG Kansas City is a thriving local chapter of PFLAG, which is the nation’s largest grassroots family-based organization committed to supporting, celebrating, and advancing the civil rights of LGBTQ people, as well as their families, friends, and allies, across the country.  

The Kansas City Center for Inclusion

Founded in 2017, The Kansas City Center for Inclusion is Kansas City’s LGBTQIA+ resource and community center.  Its mission is “To provide safe, inclusive LGBTQIA+ community spaces where people can come for education, resources, and activities, as well as support a more cohesive LGBTQIA+ community in the greater Kansas City area.”


Kansas City Weather

As a midwestern state, Kansas City offers its residents the experience of four distinct seasons. Summers in Kansas City can be hot and humid, and it is not unusual to see temperatures in the 90s.  Winters are cold, with an average seasonal snowfall of around 13 inches. Weather in the spring and fall is typically pleasant, offering beautiful blooms and changing leaves. Kansas City receives an average of 42 inches of rain per year.


Must-Do Kansas City Events

Kansas City PrideFest

Typically held in October of each year, PrideFest is Kansas City’s annual pride celebration, full of festive fun events, parades, and celebrations honoring all that makes the LGBTQ community in Kansas City wonderful. You won’t want to miss it!


The Best Neighborhoods in Kansas City

Kansas City is a city full of wonderful neighborhoods each with their own unique character. Some of the most popular neighborhoods for the LGBTQ community include:

Old Briarcliff

Located about five minutes from downtown Kansas City, Old Briarcliff has some eclectic shops and restaurants, and is known for often holding large neighborhood parties.  The neighborhood has unique architecture and a park-like feel that is appealing to many. Single-family houses in Old Briarcliff can range anywhere from the $100,000 range up to around half a million dollars.

The Historic Northeast

The Historic Northeast area of Kansas City is a beautiful neighborhood that consists of old Victorian style homes, many of which have been restored, and turn-of-the-century architecture. Located only a few minutes from the heart of Kansas City, this neighborhood is within easy walking or driving distance to shops, restaurants, and a wide variety of entertainment options. The Historic Northeast area offers a wide variety of homes at a range of prices for the potential buyer.


Brookside is a Kansas City neighborhood that is very popular with the young, single LGBT professionals.  It is characterized by unique homes, and a variety of eclectic coffee shops, restaurants, farmers markets, and arts festivals. The median sale price of homes in Brookside is currently around $265,000.

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Arts and Entertainment

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is well known for its extensive collection of art from almost every continent and culture. It is also an architectural marvel. Its Bloch Building was ranked by Time magazine as one of the “10 Best Architectural Marvels”. Truly, visitors will feel inspired as they enjoy all that this museum marvel has to offer.

The American Jazz Museum

Kansas City is a city known for its jazz, and the American Jazz Museum is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about that history, and enjoy some excellent live music as well.


Parks and Recreation

Gay Kickball

Gay Kickball is a fun yet competitive team experience for the LGBTQ community in Kansas City. Whether you love kickball and play regularly, or whether you haven’t played since grade school, there’s a place on the team for you. It’s a great way to get some exercise and make some friends at the same time!

Swope Park

Swope Park is the city’s largest urban greenspace, and offers plenty to see and do for everyone. The park has beautiful wooded trails, soccer fields, golf courses and even a treetop adventure park. The park also has the iconic Starlight Theatre, which is a unique outdoor venue that shows Broadway musicals, concerts and comedy, as well as the Kansas City Zoo.


Kansas City Nightlife

Sidekicks Saloon

Sidekicks Saloon is an LGBTQ bar in the heart of Kansas City’s gay district offering tasty, reasonably priced drinks, darts, pool, and plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new friends.


Woody’s is Kansas City’s LGBTQ sports bar, and it is always a great place to enjoy a drink or two and watch a game with friends. It offers a great selection of food and drinks, and often hosts various events, including sports-themed parties.

Side Street Bar and Grill

Side Street Bar and Grill is a long-running neighborhood bar and restaurant in the Midtown area of the city that attracts a mixed crowd, including many LGBTQ patrons. Sidestreet has a large outdoor patio, excellent food and drinks, and plenty of TV screens for its guests to enjoy.

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