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Flint is named after the Flint River. It is a larger city of 102,434 that is located just west of Detroit. It is well known for being the birthplace of General Motors and the automobile industry that has since deindustrialized; an economic predicament that was highlighted in Michael Moore’s famous documentary film Roger & Me.  

Like Detroit, Flint is an interesting place filled with many abandoned warehouses and factory sites that are slowly being taken over by artists and ambitious developers who see the value of resurrecting and reselling many of these historical places.  The economy is recovering and diversifying, especially in the downtown area where many famous buildings such as the First National Bank, The Paterson Building and Atwood Stadium are being renovated.  Flint’s old hotels, such as the long-vacant Durant Hotel are being turned in a mix of commercial space, apartments and condos.

Flint has a lot of beautiful architecture. Half of Flint’s tallest buildings were built in the 1920s and General Motors actively used most. Beautiful old Victorians can be had for a song in some neighborhoods according to our Flint gay realtor. A popular place is the historical Saginaw Street District south of the Flint River, which has many condos and some rehabbed Victorian rowhouses.  Just west of the downtown is the Carriage Town and Grand Transverse Street Districts that have well-preserved brick and stone homes and strong neighborhood associations.

Many people who move here are interested in the retro-style attractions that are still in operation here. The Flint Institute of the Arts is still considered to be one of the finest in North America and it is an incredible-looking mid-century building as well. The Longway Planetarium that has a huge aqua dome is still in operation and so is the very archaic US 23 Drive-In Theater.  It also has a waterfall made out of old stepping stone sand the Sloan Museum that is dedicated to the showing of Civil War artifacts.   Another great museum in Flint is the Buick Automotive Gallery that showcases many old cars that used to be manufactured during the city’s economic heyday.

There are quite a few gay bars in downtown Flint Michigan including Pandora’s Box, Club Flamingo, Ice Version 4.0, Stiletto’s, Aut Bar and the Boss Club.  Like many big cities, the LGBT action seems to be more centered in the downtown.  There is no real dedicated neighborhood so it is best to consult with a Flint gay realtor to find the home that is in a safe and affordable neighborhood.

One of the reasons that Flint is attracting so many artist is that the average price per square foot as of the last fall quarter was only $26 per square foot.  The average listing price for a home here was $50,309 for the week ending October 16, 2013. There are also many foreclosures to be had in this city.  As of October 16 there were 8383 homes in the pre-foreclosure or auction stages of foreclosures.

You can find out a lot more about this interesting city at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce at

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