New Orleans, LA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

New Orleans Gay Neighborhoods

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, although it’s not the capital. The city has a population of almost 350,000 people, and the metro area that surrounds it is home to more than 1.1 million. New Orleans is a major port city in addition to a tourist destination. It’s known for its unique architecture, mixture of cultures, and its famous Mardi Gras celebration. New Orleans is known for being one of the most unique cities in the world.

The French Quarter is a very popular LGBT neighborhood, both in New Orleans and the US overall. Some homes in this area are not cheap, though. Condos start at $175,000 and end at $3.3 million. Single family homes range from $200,000 to $3.75 million.

Bywater is another LGBT neighborhood. It’s quieter and cheaper than the French Quarter. It’s home to many artists and other creative individuals, so it’s quite diverse. Single family homes range from $95,000 to $900,000. Condos in Bywater can be priced anywhere from $260,000 to $380,000.

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