Indianapolis’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Indianapolis Gay Neighborhoods

Indianapolis, the capital and largest city of Indiana, has gone through a period of diversification.  The city’s main industry focuses on government, industry, health care, education, and finance.  It’s also diversified its population, and while there are two areas where the LGBT community has gathered, they aren’t really gayborhoods like some cities have.

The downtown area has a high concentration of LGBT businesses and homeowners.  This artsy region features some historic homes and is quite safe and friendly.  Houses start out in the $115,000 range and can go for as much as $675,000.

Whitaker Valley Estates is a much more recent LGBT community that happened almost by accident.  The subdivision was built in the late 2000s.  Several of the couples who built there were gay, and once they got the word out to their friends about what a nice area it was, many moved there.  Homes in this new edition are fairly affordable, starting at $125,000 and ranging up to $172,000.

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