LGBTQ Honolulu, Hawaii – Gay and Lesbian Life in Honolulu

Located in the southeastern portion of Oahu, Honolulu is truly a piece of paradise. People rightfully associate Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii with stunning natural beauty – and it certainly offers plenty of that. Even better, also offers much to see, do, and enjoy and a warm and welcoming community for all who choose to live here. If you're hoping to find your piece of paradise, Honolulu would be a great place to find it.

A Look at Honolulu’s History

Honolulu was initially settled by the Polynesians, who were thought to have arrived in the area throughout history, Honolulu went from being a relatively remote fishing village to a major metropolis. In the mid-1800s, King Kamehameha III declared Honolulu to be the capital city of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It grew into a thriving city as an important port for goods and supplies, as a tourist destination, and as a center for fishing and trade. After being annexed by the United States and eventually joining the Union in 1959, Honolulu continued to grow and tourism continued to boom. Today, Honolulu is a thriving, diverse, warm, and welcoming slice of paradise.

Honolulu – A Few Fun Facts

  • There is no “falling back” or “springing ahead” in Honolulu – the city doesn’t follow daylight savings time.
  • The canned food Spam is considered a Hawaiian delight, and it is wildly popular in Honolulu and around the island, where it is cooked and served in a wide variety of ways.
  • In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu translates to “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter” because of its protected and sheltered location at the southeast edge of the island.

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The LGBTQ Community in Honolulu                                             

Honolulu has a growing, thriving, and welcoming LGBTQ community which is well-supported by a variety of resources and community centers, including:

The Hawaii LGBTQ Legacy Foundation

The Hawaii Legacy Foundation is a community foundation dedicated to serving and celebrating the LGBTQ community across the island. It is committed to creating a legacy of hope, equality, and unity, and it works toward that mission by providing events, resources, and support to the LGBTQ community, friends, and allies across the island.

What’s the Weather Like in Honolulu?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that if you live in Honolulu, you can expect plenty of sunshine, plenty of rain, mild island breezes, and no snow. On average, there are 271 sunny days each year in Honolulu, which is significantly more than the national average. It also gets plenty of rain – 49 inches per year, which is also significantly more than the national average. Fortunately, it doesn’t rain steadily all day, with the rain often instead coming in short bursts. Temperatures are usually mild year-round, with the high in July reaching around 85°F, and the low in January average 65°F.

The Best Events in Honolulu

Honolulu Pride

Sponsored each year by the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation, Honolulu pride is one festive and fun annual event that you won’t want to miss. The festival’s mission is to say, “Aloha, With Pride” – and it truly achieves that mission each year through its celebration, during pride week and year-round, of all that the LGBTQ community adds to Honolulu and the surrounding islands. Whether you enjoy parades, parties, networking opportunities, family-friendly activities, or more, there’s something for you here. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the festivities for yourself!

Honolulu Festival

The Honolulu Festival, which is held in March of each year is a vibrant, rich blend of Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific cultures. This three-day celebration of local music, dance, and art ends in a grand parade through Waikiki. It’s a wonderful way to learn about and celebrate the area’s unique history and heritage.

Where to Live in Honolulu

Hawaii Kai

The Hawaii Kai area is located approximately twelve miles northeast of Honolulu, making it close enough to communicate for work, but far enough away to enable a more suburban lifestyle. This area is known for its beautiful beaches and great surfing. The median sale price of homes in this area is currently around $798,000.


The Makiki neighborhood in the northeast portion of Honolulu stretches from Downtown to Manoa and Waikiki and consists primarily of older homes, including many bungalows. The neighborhood is very ethnically diverse and is ideally situated near the beautiful Waikiki beaches. The median sale price of homes in Makiki is currently around $433,000.

Arts and Entertainment

Honolulu Museum of Art

The Honolulu Museum of Art was founded in 1922, and it is the largest art museum in Hawaii. It has one of the largest collections of Asian and Pan-Pacific art in the United States, and since opening in 1927, the collection has grown to more than 50,000 works of art.

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon wandering. The palace was initially built by the Kamehameha dynasty and was restored as a museum in the 1960s. A visit is a unique and interesting way to experience and learn about Hawaiian history – not to mention simply enjoying the beautiful grounds on a sunny day.

Parks and Recreation

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is widely considered to be one of the best gay beaches in Hawaii – particularly the stretch of beach known as Queen's Beach. Beachgoers can enjoy the area's unique natural beauty while also making friends and having fun at hangouts like Hula's Bar and Lei Stand and others. Any day spent on Waikiki Beach is practically guaranteed to be a good one!

Hawaii LGBTQ Hiking Group

The Hawaii LGBTQ Hiking Group is a great way to enjoy the stunning and unique natural beauty of Hawaii, while also making new friends in the LGBTQ community, getting some exercise, and simply having fun. Don’t miss your chance to join a hike soon.

Honolulu Nightlife

Scarlet Honolulu

Scarlet is one of the most popular LGBTQ bars in Honolulu, and one you’ll definitely want to put on your list for a fun night out on the town. It offers a lively dance floor, great drink specials, theme nights, friendly crowds, and plenty of opportunities to mix, mingle, and make friends.

Chiko’s Tavern

Chiko’s Tavern is a neighborhood staple – a laid-back lounge with bar bites, strong drinks, friendly people, and plenty of spots to just kick back, relax, and have a good time. Make sure to stop by and have a drink or two yourself.

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