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Savannah Gay Neighborhoods

Savannah, Georgia, was settled in 1733.  That makes it the oldest city in the state.  As a strategic port, the city has grown from a small settlement into a large industrial center.  The metro Savannah area is home to over 370,000 people.  Because of its age, the city is a popular destination for those interested in historic buildings.

Naturally, Savannah does have a good number of gay and lesbian citizens.  However, unlike some cities where the gay scene is loud and proud, the Savannah gay community seems to be more low key.  There are gay bars, clubs, and other businesses, of course, and it’s not like people are in the closet.  The community doesn’t tend to be as visible.  Part of this is because the gay population is mostly older, so the club scene isn’t as thriving.  Because of this, there isn’t really a gay neighborhood. 

This means you’ll want to base your housing decisions on other factors, including price and location.  Condos in Savannah can be priced anywhere from $49,000 to $2.9 million, depending on where you want to live.  Single family homes, likewise, greatly range in price depending on where you live.  In the suburbs, you’ll find cheaper homes around $49,000, while some of the most expensive houses are priced around $3.9 million.

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