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Gay and lesbian families and individuals moving to Delaware may be eager to get a feel for the climate towards gays and lesbians, and to find the best neighborhoods to live in. Gay realtors are often the experts on top gay cities, and gay realtors Delaware have a few recommendations for those looking to relocate.

The top gay cities in Delaware include Rehoboth Beach, Hockessin, and Milton. Rehoboth beach is not only one of the top gay areas in Delaware it is also one of the top gay areas in the nation. Rehoboth is a beach town, and travelers flock there each summer to enjoy the relaxation of the waves and the town’s charm. Gay residents own many of the businesses that cater to tourists, and gay tourists appreciate the opportunity to express themselves safely in a gay friendly environment. Rehoboth Beach is not just a great vacation spot. It is also a good place for those who fall in the LGBTQ continuum who enjoy small town living to make a permanent home. Cape Henlopen School District is committed to preparing students for a diverse society, Rehoboth is close enough to several neighboring cities to allow for commuting for work if necessary, and it has been named one of the top communities to retire in.

Gay Realtors Delaware report Hockessin is in the northern part of Delaware on the Pennsylvania border and is within commuting distance of Philadelphia, PA, Newark, DE and Wilmington, DE. Hockessin’s historic homes, green parks, and quiet communities give it a sedate atmosphere that many gay families and professionals may prefer to larger city environments. Hockessin features many family oriented housing developments and apartment complexes that offer a true sense of community where people are valued for their diverse backgrounds. There are many LGBTQ activities in the area, both daytime family oriented and more traditional evening events and clubs.

Milton, DE is a mid-sized community near the southern part of the state. Milton is a historical town known for its importance in the shipbuilding industry, its well maintained Colonial and Victorian architecture, and its large number of family owned businesses.

Milton is a friendly city, and its neighborhoods are diverse and welcoming. Chances are you won’t be the only LGBTQ person on your block, and neighbors will see you first as an individual not a sexual identity. Milton is proud of its heritage, but it is also eager to embrace the twenty-first century, and that includes creating inclusive communities.

Delaware is a great place to live with low taxes, a strong economy, and plenty of places to enjoy urban culture and the beauty of nature. It is also a great place for LGBT people to settle. If you are relocating, check out the top gay areas in Delaware with gay realtors Delaware to find a neighborhood that is right for you.

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