New Haven CT – Openly Gay Lifestyle in a University Town

New Haven is mostly known for being the home to Yale University. It is quite a large town with a population of 129,779 people.  It is located on New Haven Harbor on the north shore of Long Island Sound. It is also a very old city with beautiful historical districts.  It was founded in 1638 by English Puritans.  It is known for its beautiful canopy of mature elm trees that are everywhere in the city.

The city is cradled in between two large red ridges that are part of an extensive park system, and is fronted by a wide deep harbor. Three rivers including the West, Mill and Quinnipiac also intersect this cheerful, traditional city that is quintessentially New England in every way. The summers are warm and humid and the winters are moderately cold with pretty snowfalls.

The fact that this is a university town gives it an intelligent, progressive air that has a lot to offer in terms of culture. This is a walk able city with the historic Chapel Street district, known for its Gothic architecture, being the center of it all.  It is unique for its system of square gridded streets surrounding a central town square, which is the way that pilgrims originally designed communities when they first got here. The city has a huge 16-acre park called New Haven Green, right in its downtown core. Most of the students live in this inexpensive area that is close to Yale University.

Long Wharf is a community industrial area located along the water that still has warehouse artist studios.  It is also home to the Long Wharf Theater.  Another waterfront area that is being rehabbed is the Oyster Point area along Long Island Sound.

The wealthy Yale professors tend to live in East Rock, which is a very traditional neighborhood with large, historic and quite expensive mansions.  A similar area is Prospect Hill, which is home to the Yale Divinity School and Peabody Museum.

A gay and arts related community has built up in Wooster Square, which is also the city’s Little Italy.  The area is home to tall Victorian and Gothic style row houses and many very famous Italian restaurants.

The West part of town is more for nature lovers as it is closer to nature. Housing prices tend to be lowest in the West Rock and West River neighborhoods where homes, as of July 2013, were listed between $152,217.00 and $184,450.00.  By contrast a home in tony East Rock goes for $429,124.00.  To find the most affordable neighborhood for you it is best to consult with a New Haven gay realtor who knows the city well.

 This is a very green city that is known for its well-kept building facades and streets as well as its many organic restaurants. One of the most famous is Claire’s Corner Copal, Zinc and Ibiza.  Many gay couples tie the knot at the classy Union League Café, which is a traditional French restaurant.  A well-known, gay-owned hangout is the 168 York Street Café, which is situated inside a rehabilitated old brownstone building.

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