Gay Realtor Lakewood, CO – City with Lots of Hiking, Biking and Easy Ski Access

Lakewood, Colorado is a large beautiful city located just west of Denver that is known for its many bike trails, small lakes, nature preserves and large open green spaces. This city has over 99 parks totaling more than 7,100 acres of open space and over 180 miles of trails for biking, walking, hiking and horseback riding. This is also a great city in which to own a dog because there are just so many places for the both of you to walk; many residents of Lakewood bring their dogs with them to work.

The downtown still boasts the original core of the community that was designed in 1889 in just thirteen square blocks to serve employees and retirees of the Colorado Central Railroad.  As it was designed in such an eccentric manner it does not really have a true downtown area as almost all of it was residential. To this day most of the residents take the short commute into Denver to work and play and then enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in Lakewood, or they simply enjoy the natural surroundings.

Without a real downtown it is hard for any city to support any type of café society or LGBT community so it is safe to say that there is no designated gayborhood here.  However there is an arts district built around the Lakewood Arts Center “Belmar” that features theaters, gallery spaces and artist studios.  LGBT residents can also commute to nearby downtown Denver to go to bars and gay hangouts such as Compound, Jr’s Bar and Grill, Wrangler and Charlie’s Denver.

This is a very traditional town that is very focused on family and the more traditional ways of living. In 2011, the National Civic League named this city of 142, 980 an All American City. It has a semi-arid climate with cold somewhat snowy winters (although the sun is always shining) and hot dry summers. The nearby ski-hills and hiking trails attract tourists to Lakewood every year. Lakewood is also known for its famous Mexican food restaurants and also a few historic buildings that are built in the Art Deco style of the 1920s.

The homes in Lakewood tend to be well kept up mid-century ranches and craftsman style homes from the fifties to the seventies, with some pockets of new construction. The average price per square foot for a home here is $167.00, which is an increase of 10.6% in average price since the summer or 2012.  The average listing price for a home for sale in Lakewood was $318,063.00 for the week ending October 9, 2013.

It is important to remember that voters here were largely in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, although Civil Unions are legal and it is still a very gay-friendly place. Still it is best for you to contact a Lakewood gay realtor to help you find the best and most affordable living situation for you.  For more information about the many features and attractions in this mountain town visit the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce website at