Riverside, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Riverside Gay Neighborhoods

Riverside, California, is a lovely community situated near Los Angeles. If you’re a fan of the Mission Revival Style, you’ll love this city. It has the largest number of buildings done in this style in the entire country. The California Citrus State Historic Park, the Museum of Photography, and the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree all make for interesting days out. Riverside a good-sized city, too, with more than 300,000 residents.

If you’re looking for a warm climate that doesn’t get too hot, you’ll enjoy Riverside. It’s elevated enough that it tends to avoid the scorching summers, but it’s not high enough to get really cold in the winter.

The city has a number of different neighborhoods, but its LGBT population tends to be spread out, so there’s not exactly a gay ghetto. If any part of Riverside is home to more LGBT businesses, it would be the area around the University of California. It’s home to an LGBT Resource Center.

Thinking about purchasing a condo? You’ll find that they run between $145,000 and $398,000. Single-family homes tend to start at $126,000 and top out at around $2.6 million.

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