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If you are going to live in Palm Springs, then you are going to want to entertain. Gay real estate Palm Springs has noticed that there is a real trend in this relaxed, casual community to do all of the entertaining in the kitchen. The result is homes with huge, lavishly renovated kitchens with sprawling counters, a couple of fridges, bar stools galore and acres of gleaming wood and metal.

In fact, in recent years, gay real estate Palm Springs has noted that the kitchen has now become an extension of the living room and patio areas. Many rich homeowners in Palm Springs have knocked down walls so that dining, living and patio areas all blend into each other.

Another trend that gay real estate Palm Springs has noticed is that kitchens look less like kitchens and more like living rooms.  Kitchens are also now rooms filled with light and everything is done in lighter driftwood tones. Kitchen counters are often made of bright white marble but ones made of beach glass and other recycled materials are also popular. The fact that dark woods, oaks and other mission style or heavier looks are going out of fashion might want to be noted by people in Palm Springs who want to sell their homes.

Kitchen rooms have become places for Palm Spring friends to get together and sample each other’s gourmet cooking and do some wine tastings. The kitchens are tricked out with wine racks and cupboards and wine coolers.  Warming and steaming drawers under the counters are also a huge trend in Palm Springs homes and adding this type of feature might really help sell your luxury Palm Springs home a little faster.

Of course it is rare to see a homeowner in doing their own renovations. A survey of homes for sale in Palm Springs shows that many of them have also been renovated to include espresso bars and baking stations that are perfect for serving up racks of cup cakes. Yet another big trend is to have kitchen islands that are thick acrylic or glass and that showcase grains, seeds and other essentials.

You will not sell this type of home unless all of your refrigerators are Sub-Zero and also energy efficient stickers. Palm Springs is a very ecologically aware community that does not like to west resources.

In terms of lighting the most fashionable types are LED and one of the most fashionable tints is green. This gives the kitchen a very sharp and clean look, like a very clean department store or a medical laboratory.

Gay real estate Palm Springs wants to remind you that there really is answer to the eighties song lyric “Why do all the people hang out in the kitchen at parties?” It is simply because it has become the relaxed and retro-cool thing to do if you live in a luxurious place like Palm Springs where everybody is so rich it is hard to impress them with wealth. Instead impress them with what a good cook you are!

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