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Carmel-By-The Sea, also simply known as Carmel, is a glamorous small town situated on the Monterey Peninsula. It is located on a flat sandy stretch of Monterey Bay. If you love celebrity, arts and culture will love living in Carmel. There is one art gallery for every 100 residents of Carmel. The city is known for it’s high-end boutiques, incredible seafood cuisine and beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for watching sunsets and sunrises. The city is known for being very hospitable to pets ~ most restaurants and hotels welcome dogs.’

The city is gay-friendly but not necessarily openly gay.  Most of the gay action is located in nearby San Francisco, which is 120 miles away. Like its neighbor Pebble Beach, the small town is known for some bizarre laws. The town is known for having a law banning high heels and no street numbers, street lights or parking meters.  The fact that the homes have no street numbers is why you may want to consult with a Carmel gay realtor to find the home you are looking for.

It is a known artist’s colony that has nurtured the careers of many famous writers and artists including painters Mary DeNeale Morgan, William Merrits Chase and Xavier Martinez; writers Jack London, Sinclair Lewis and Mary Austin; and poets George Sterling and Robinson Jeffers. It is also home or has been home to numerous celebrities including Clint Eastwood, Jean Arthur, Barbara Babcock, Doris Day and Joan Fontaine.

The area was first colonized by the Spanish in the 1770s and is known for it’s Spanish architecture including The Mission San Carlos Borrmeo de Carmelo. The town was created in 1902 and by 1906 the very famous Carmel Arts and Crafts Clubhouse was created to house theater productions.

The climate is a bit cool and the coast is often overcast with the sunniest month October. The average temperature is sixty degrees. It boasts perfect golfing weather and is known for its many golf courses.

Carmel is too small to have a dedicated gay neighborhood and some homes are so expensive and architecturally important they are sold by Sotheby’s.  As of August 28, 2013, the average listing price for a home for sale in Carmel was $2,150,924. As a general rule the more inland the property is from the beach the cheaper it tends to be.  There are rarely any homes in foreclosure as it is such a sought-after place to live.

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