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Tucson, Arizona is one of Advocate Magazines top recommended cities and is on our list as well simply because the local government has many pro gay laws and policies, a domestic partner orientation and a very active LGBT community. It was voted one of the top places for members of the LGBT community to live in 2007, and Tucson is still going strong.  The reasons for the positive vote by The Advocate were low housing prices, beautiful architecture and also a stable job market.  

There is no one neighborhood in Tuscon that is friendlier to gays than another, although some would say that mid-town Tucson boasts the most gay activity.

Tucson is quite an old city and also the second largest city in Arizona so there is a lot of amazing architecture.  Your new home could be in a Spanish style, a mission style or in a mid-century style. There are also many glittering condominiums and patio homes that can be had for a reasonable price. Many of these homes boast wonderful views of the natural scenery.

The oldest neighborhood is El Presidio, which can boast that it is the oldest neighborhood. This area has many charming, but more expensive, adobe homes that date back to 1912 or earlier. 

If you like a neighborhood that is nice to stroll in then gay realtors Tucson recommends Armory Park which consists of many interesting glass and wood buildings, lots of gardens and east-coast style homes.  This neighborhood stretches for about twenty blocks and features homes built between 1880 and 1920.

A well-known neighborhood that is just east of 4th Avenue is the Iron Horse District. This, like many other districts in Tucson, is centered around an old railway system. Many of the homes here were built between 1880 and 1936.  This is an up and coming area with many affordable housing options.

If you are in Tucson to teach at one of the town’s schools then the Sam Hughes neighborhood is likely suitable. The houses here are mid-century and mixed with pueblo revival and Spanish mission styles. It is close to the University and also is near a library and pubic swimming pool.

If you want that feeling of living in the desert then investigate the well kept homes in the small neighborhood of El Montevideo. These homes are built between 1930 and 1945 and range in style from ranch to modern to Spanish Colonial revival.

There are fewer healthier places to live in the United States. Tucson is set in the Sonoran Desert valley and surrounded by five mountain ranges. The air is dry and gay realtor Tucson recommends the warm dry climate for those who are considering a relocation to help manage a health problem.  This is also a wonderful city to retire in.

Tucson has that sophisticated and cultured big town feel that is found in larger cities like New York and Miami without the crime, crowds and stress.

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