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Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and gay realtor Phoenix wants you to note that though it is home to many it is also home to many amazing mid-century modern treasures.  The metropolitan area is referred to as the “Valley of the Sun” and consists of many distinct regions and districts.  However this is not a compact city with a café society ~ the neighborhoods are strung out over a series of highways that stretch out into the desert.

Downtown Phoenix is home to many different attractions including the Convention Centre, the U.S. Airways Center, the Orpheum theater, the Berber theater, the Phoenix Museum of History, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Irish Cultural Center as well as many galleries, restaurants and hotels. This is a more expensive area to buy in but it is also quite safe and beautiful. Gay realtor Phoenix recommends this area if you want to live in a busy, exciting area that is devoted to festivals, fairs and culture.

Midtown is an area that is less of a tourist attraction. It is mainly a business area that is mixed with quiet historic neighborhoods. The Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum of Native American art and Steele Indian School Park are also located here. Gay realtor Phoenix has discovered this is a very genteel and progressive area with many fine restaurants and higher end shops.  There is an ethnic area on Central Avenue in the midtown area that is well known for having a selection of restaurants serving cuisines from every part of the world.  Midtown is sometimes called a Foodie Mecca because of this.

One of the richest areas of town is the Biltmore District. This area is full of old-style resorts that have retained the integrity of their architecture.  The area is named after the Arizona Biltmore which is one of the most famous of these. The area is well known for its high end shops, nightlife and five star restaurants. This is also the area of the city that boasts the most expensive high-rise condos and mixed used housing as well as very glamorous examples of mid-century architecture.

A little less expensive is the Arcadia area that is full of revitalized ranch style housing with large lots. It is very much an up and coming hip area that also has many resorts and high end restaurants. The bungalows that were not so hip ten years ago are now all of the rage and being renovated by investors and first time buyers. You will find more families and bohemians living in this area than other parts of town.

Like many cities in North America gay realtor Phoenix has noted that the further into the downtown and historic districts that you choose to live the more expensive the housing tends to be. However this is a city that is truly born out of car culture. The layout of Phoenix is based on many interlacing highways that extend into many outlying suburbs. It is also possible to find beautiful architectural treasures in the desert suburbs of Phoenix.

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