Gay Realtor Montreal Lifestyle Highlights

Gay realtor Montreal notes that this big Canadian city has its own gay village with many restaurants, a full café society and hundreds of bars, theaters and baths devoted to the gay and lesbian community.

Many people settle in or near the gay village area of town which features a famous club known as The Unity which is a great dance bar. Stock bar is another great bar for both lesbians and gays and it has a well known Ladies night. It is the popular place in the neighborhood to hold parties and special events.

If you like to play pool then check out Montreal’s best known and largest lesbian bar. It’s called the Drug Store.  This is a hub for lesbians and many village gay residents hang out here all day. 

Another highlight of the area is the Cabaret Mado. This is a very famous club that showcases the burlesque and comedy shows of the areas many professional drag queens. This is the place to see men  striding around in ten inch stiletto heels.

The area is also famous for its gay friendly restaurants that are also very mixed.  Straight and gay people mingle to enjoy the excellent gourmet food at the bring-your-own-wine restaurant known as O’thym.

The gay village in Montreal also has many festivals including the Aires Libres which is simply a large outdoor festival.   Gay realtor Montreal has also learned that the area is also home to several wonderful festivals including the Montreal World Film Festival, the 2012 Montreal International Reggae Fest, a Heavy Metal festival, an alternative music festival called Oeshaga, and blues music festival called Festiblues. 

If you are a cyclist gay realtor Montreal recommends living here ~ a haven for cyclists that boasts a Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal every year. This event is like a mini Tour de France.  This very athletic city also has a ski and snowboard show known as the International Free Ski Film Festival that comes complete with dance parties and film screenings.

Montreal is also known for its many fashion events including Pop Montreal’s Vintage Pop which is an event dedicated to selling vintage clothes and accessories and also Montreal’s Fashion Week which showcases the work of Canadian and international designers.

Montreal is also home to many bizarre and eclectic cultural events including the Fantasia Film Festival for fans of animation and sci-fi, the Picnic Electronique that is devoted to dance, a huge festival of digital art from Japan at DHC Art and various photo exhibitions and special exhibitions at local museums.

Another bonus of living in Montreal is that it is a very clean city ~ people still go fishing in the St. Lawrence River.

If you are looking for a truly progressive place to live than gay realtor Montreal highly recommends living in the gay village of Montreal.  It is also a bi-lingual city with a large English speaking population so not knowing how to speak French is not necessarily a barrier.