Winnipeg Gay City Guide: Warm, Welcoming, and Wonderful

Located at the confluence of two rivers, the name Winnipeg comes from native words meaning “murky waters”. It is the capital city of Manitoba, Canada, and it is known as the “cultural cradle of Canada” because of its vibrant arts, culture, and museum scene. Winnipeg is home to the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and more – so the title is very much deserved. Winnipeg is also a city full of festivals – including, among others, the popular Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, among others.

A Bit of Winnipeg History

Although native people inhabited the area for years, Winnipeg’s modern-day history began in the early 1700s when the French established a fur trading post there. It was later abandoned, however, and it was not until the early 1800s that Fort Gibraltar was later established in the area, leading to increased population growth and the eventual incorporation of Winnipeg as a city in 1873. The University of Manitoba was founded in the city shortly thereafter, followed by the railway reaching Winnipeg in 1881. This enabled many more settlers to be able to move to the city. Winnipeg has continued to thrive, and today, it is known not only as a flourishing manufacturing center – it also has a vibrant arts scene, a diverse, multicultural community, and a welcoming, friendly attitude toward all. It’s truly a city with something for everyone.

Winnipeg – A Few Fun Facts

  • Harry Colebourn, a veterinarian from Winnipeg bought a bear cub for $20 while serving abroad in World War One. He named the bear Winnie, after his home in Winnipeg. He later gave Winnie to the London Zoo, where a boy named Christopher Robin saw the bear and named his own stuffed bear Winnie as well – that bear later became the subject of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories.
  • Winnipeg is home to the longest ice skating rink in the world – an 8.5-kilometers long rink that takes skaters down the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.
  • The residents of Winnipeg love their Slurpees. In fact, Winnipeg has been considered the “Slurpee capital of the world” for 12 years in a row. 7-Eleven stores in Winnipeg sell an average of 188,833 Slurpee drinks a month.

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The LGBTQ Community in Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a diverse and thriving LGBTQ community that is well-supported by a variety of resources and community centers where all can feel welcomed and celebrated. Some of these resources include:

The Rainbow Resource Centre

The mission of the Rainbow Resource Centre is to foster a proud, resilient, and thriving LGBTQ community in Manitoba. The Center accomplishes this mission by providing a variety of programs, resources, networking opportunities, events, and more for the LGBTQ community, friends, and allies in Winnipeg and the greater Manitoba area.

Manitoba PFLAG Canada

Manitoba PFLAG Canada is Winnipeg’s chapter of the North American PFLAG organization. PFLAG is the largest grassroots organization for the LGBTQ community, friends, and allies in North America, and it plays an essential role in providing support, advocacy, networking opportunities, and resources to the LGBTQ community in the greater Winnipeg area, and across Canada.

Winnipeg Weather

If Winnipeg’s weather were to be described in one word, that word would probably be “cold” – in fact, Canadians in other provinces sometimes jokingly refer to Winnipeg as “Winterpeg” because of its particularly cold climate. If you don’t mind the cold though, Winnipeg has plenty of natural, scenic beauty to offer, and its skies are among the clearest in Canada. Winnipeg sees plenty of snow each year, but also plenty of sunshine, too.

Can’t-Miss Winnipeg Events

Pride Winnipeg

Pride Winnipeg has been a celebration of all that the LGBTQ community adds to the Winnipeg area – a celebration that’s been happening since 1987. Pride Winnipeg is a 10-day festival, and it is one of the largest pride festivals in central Canada. Among other events, Pride Winnipeg features ten days of community-organized events, a dyke march, a rally, a parade, outdoor concerts, and a huge closing party. You won’t want to miss it!


When in Winnipeg, you’ll want to be sure to enjoy Folklorama. This annual festival is Canada’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival, offering entertainment, cuisine, and fun from around the world. You won’t want to miss the chance to enjoy all that it has to offer!

The Best Neighborhoods in Winnipeg

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood, it’s hard to go wrong in Winnipeg. Truly, this warm, eclectic, and welcoming city is one where anyone can feel at home in almost every neighborhood. With that said, however, Osborne Village is by far one of Winnipeg’s most popular LGBTQ neighborhoods. Osborne Village is home to many of Winnipeg’s best restaurants, theaters, and cultural attractions – and it’s also the site of Pride Winnipeg, the city’s biggest annual pride celebration. It’s a very walkable neighborhood with plenty to see and do and a variety of housing options and price ranges to choose from.

Arts and Entertainment

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The world’s first and museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration, and future of human rights is located in Winnipeg. The museum strives to promote understanding and encourage respect and reflection. A visit to see all that it has to offer is certain to be rewarding and inspiring.

Reel Pride Winnipeg

Reel Pride is an annual LGBTQ film and video festival produced by the Winnipeg Gay and Lesbian Film Society. The festival seeks to celebrate queer media, to promote dialogue and awareness, and to portray a global experience of human rights and liberties. You’ll want to be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a show (or several) yourself.

Parks and Recreation

The Forks National Historic Site

The Forks is a 9-acre park located on the Red River, and it is truly one of Winnipeg’s natural treasures for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. This 9-acre park has features local history exhibit and art, a playground, hiking and biking trails, an amphitheater, hiking and biking trails, and more. It’s a wonderful place to spend a beautiful Winnipeg afternoon.

Out There Winnipeg

Out There Winnipeg is a popular LGBTQ sports association within the city with the mission of providing a healthy, inclusive, safe, and welcoming space for all to enjoy sports, make friends, and have fun! A number of sports and participation opportunities are offered, regardless of skill level or experience.  

Winnipeg Nightlife

Club 200

Club 200 has been a popular LGBTQ nightspot in Winnipeg for over 20 years. It is known for its friendly staff, it’s welcoming atmosphere, it’s strong drinks, lively music, karaoke and theme nights. You’ll definitely want to put it on your list of must-visit nightspots!

Fame Club

Fame is one of the liveliest gay nightspots in Winnipeg. The club offers plenty of opportunities for dancing to excellent local and visiting DJs, fabulous drag shows, go-go dancers, bottle service, theme nights, and more.

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