About Rafael

Born in Brazil, Rafael brings a fresh perspective and extensive knowledge of local, regional and international real estate drawn from buying and selling personal homes in some of the hottest markets in the U.S. While Rafael has enjoyed living in metropolitan areas like Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Milwaukee, and the tourism-oriented cities of Orlando, San Antonio, and most recently, Las Vegas, he prefers the relaxed life of Grayson County.

Rafael was a nationally ranked telecommunications sales performer while working in Corporate America, before he found his passion for being a Realtor.

"I love helping people fulfill their dreams, Rafael says. I realized I could combine the experience garnered while purchasing and selling my personal and rental homes in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Dallas and Sherman with my passion for helping others find their next dream home, all while making the sale or purchase process a meaningful experience."

Rafael is the epitome of loyalty and integrity and loves spending time with family and friends. He rarely meets a stranger. In his spare time, Rafael enjoys restoring his 1908 historic home, but not as much as he enjoys cooking and baking for his family, including cooking meals for his four-legged babies.

Rafaels pets are his kids. They include Panda, a 12-year-old, Wisconsin-born Ragdoll cat who hates the snow; Dallas, a 10-year-old Dachshund named after one of Rafaels favorite cities; Roxy Lucille, a rescued 5year-old English bulldog; Cash, a rescued, all-black, 4-year-old, long-haired Dachshund named after the late Johnnie Cash; and, last but not least, reporting all the way from Shermans Animal Shelter is Kitty Couric, a vivacious new addition to the family.

"Dont walk into an animal shelter, even just to volunteer, and expect to leave without a new companion," Rafael says.

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