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Carlos - Gay Real Estate Agent - Mesquite, TX

Carlos works hard to stand out from the competition to deliver a more personal, unique experience that’s tailored to your personality and your family needs. Your needs come first above all else; you can be certain he does not undermine how importan...

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Mesquite, TX – Gay Life in a Historic Rodeo Town

Mesquite is a city in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas with a sizable population of 139,824.  It was originally a railway stop between Dallas and Shreveport, Louisiana but it became a town in 1887.  This community has a rich history as a farming community that grew cotton, corn, hay and sugar. It grew exponentially in the 1950s when the town expanded around a complex still known as the Big Town Mall.  The community is still largely agricultural but the United Parcel Service and more.......................