About Kendall

With an extensive background in the home improvement industry, Kendall is an expert on paints, coatings, and flooring. After spending nearly a decade developing markets, growing brands, and analyzing metrics, Kendall knows what drives him the most is the people. This work led him to dive into real estate full time where he is able to continue using his skillset to better serve the community and connect hearts with homes.

As a transplant from Tennessee to the great state of Texas, Kendall is no stranger to hearing "UT". In his case, it was The University of Tennessee. "Go Vols!" As a true "Volunteer", you can find Kendall not only watching his favorite sports team but spending time within his community as the ultimate plant dad. In any case, he is a very personable human who goes above and beyond for his clients and would love to help you, too.


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Bachelors of Science in Business & Human Resource Management

  • Residential
  • Flooring (Hard Surfaces)
  • Paints & Coatings