About Christy

Yes, Christy has moved moved allot, living in 18 different houses... she knows all about looking for the perfect home. Though Christy has lived in Oregon since 2005, she's lived in the San Francisco area; Los Angeles; and Atlanta, Georgia. She has also lived in Milan, Italy; and Manila, the Philippines. Living in Portland is such a joy, Christy really loves this city because its so green, beautiful and nifty!

Before starting in her career in the real estate world in 2003, Christy worked managing a fabric and craft store and spent close to 15 years in theater - most of that as a stage manager. After graduating high school in Manila (ask about making an international move in three weeks!), she went to Marymount College in Palos Verdes, CA, then Emory in Atlanta, and then to the American Academy of Applied Arts, also in Atlanta. Christy has worked for lawyers, an Italian school library, and even a construction company but has always been happiest in real estate.

Real estate transactions often bring stress and hassle and can be among the biggest financial decisions that people make. Christy's goal is to provide a pleasant, positive, and stress-free experience for her clients. She works with her clients to figure out their wants and needs and to search for the best ways to fulfill their real estate goals! She works with a skilled, experienced team consisting of fellow agents, mortgage brokers, title and escrow officers and home inspectors to ensure her clients' real estate needs are filled.

"Please reach me anytime via the "Contact Christy" button - I look forward to speaking with you!"


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When she's not out with buyers or sellers, Christy is an artist and makes carnival masks, selling them mostly online. She reads voraciously, volunteers with the local greyhound adoption group. Christy is gay and kink friendly and will be thrilled to help you find the perfect home for your Goodnight.

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