About Mai

As a native of Montgomery County, Maryland, serving both Montgomery County and Northern Virginia, I have a natural ability for customer service and satisfaction. I have a genuine desire to match my clients with their preferred home based on organic conversations, keen observation, and extraordinary attention to detail. My scientific background, love of technology, and ability to take unorthodox approaches has positioned me to deliver efficient, responsive, and customized customer service, matching my clients to their ideal home and getting the best prices for the sale of my clients homes.

Being an empath, I am described to be sincere and patient in my interactions and approach each transaction as though I am representing a family member or close friend. I am an avid dog-lover and beach bum, whose ultimate wish is for world peace. Although I cannot change the world to make it a better place for all, changing a small piece of the world, one family at a time is a wonderful start.


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Member of National Association of Realtors
Licensed in Maryland and Virginia
Real Estate Photographer
Masters Degree in Medical Microbiology

  • First-time buyers
  • Land buyers
  • Luxury buyers
  • Townhome/Detached Home Rentals

Mai was a great help throughout my land buying process, from just starting to browse places in the area all the way through to closing. Great communication and nonstop sending me options. Being a first time buyer, it kept a lot of stress out of the process. I highly recommend Mai!

- Lucy G.