About Beth

Beth is a native New Orleanian. Born and raised in New Orleans and "PROUD to call it home" there's no other place she'd rather be. She has absorbed ALL the richness of New Orleans' music, food, culture, and neighborhoods. She is a Licensed Realtor with LREC and NOMAR She is also a member of the Young Professionals Network.

If Beth tells you she will find you a house or sell your house, you can bet she will. She is driven and VERY determined. Beth digs to the bottom of her being to deliver a personal spin on everything and everyone she meets. Beth loves people, animals, traveling, friends, music and eating good food. She is always fun to be around.

Just a little extra about Beth:
She has been a full-time musician since she was a teenager. Beth learned to play many different musical instruments at an early age, but the drums would be her instrument of choice. Later in life, she moved on to become an accomplished guitarist. Her musical journey took her to big and small clubs, festivals, lounges and roadhouses, all around the United States and overseas. Her music is currently airing in the United States on several radio stations as well as in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Her music can also be found on the World Wide Web on multiple streaming radio shows.

Beth is also an accomplished photographer. She has won awards and publications in large corporate world marketing campaigns. She also volunteers at the SPCA photographing hopefuls to move into their fur-ever homes. She often donates her craftsmanship as a musician and or photographer for benefits when needed. She is truly one very caring, giving and thoughtful person and she is always over-the-top with drive!

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Professional Development:
* Constantly enrolling in continuing education courses
* Striving to be the best I can be everyday
* In the process of writing a real estate book
* Achieved Personal Developments:
* Leadership training
* Time management
* Handling difficult situations and conflict management
* Communication skills

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