About Paul

What is a REAL ESTATE AGENT? Some of my clients say I make their dreams a reality; I confidently advise my clients when buying or selling real-estate to empower your decisions as we navigate the process in the Kansas City area. I do this by:

Communicating powerfully and directly.
Advocating for you, along with guiding you through each step, and letting you know what is next.
Providing world class service from myself and my team at a high level!
Keeping the mood light and calm while focusing on what you are searching for.
Providing professionalism through each step as a non-emotional party working for you!
Explaining each step clearly along the way, ensuring you know all your options.
No pressure realtor. My job is to protect you, not sell you!
Non-biased; I will give my honest opinion if asked.
Provide and Interpret current home statistics. Explain current market trends.
The buck stops with me mentality.

As a REALTOR, I partner with like minded professionals for every step of the home buying and home selling process. The benefits to my clients is to have a seamless transaction so you can focus on whats important.

Do you want to buy or sell a home? It costs absolutely nothing to meet with me; I know after we meet, your realtor shopping will be over! I provide a high level of service and professionalism and will deliver on every promise made. You should ask me about my promise!

A bit about me personally:
Kansas City Native
Car Enthusiast
World Traveler
Love Board Games
Social Butterfly


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Advocating, educating, and providing solutions that give you the knowledge, and power so you make accurate decisions based on your needs.

My client's have chosen to work with me because I provide exceptional results and five star service. I respect my client's time, and will work endlessly until I find that perfect home for you, and/or sell your home.

The benefit is the clarity and confidence you will have when buying or selling one of your largest investments, which is what you need.

  • Familiar with Single Family homes, Condo's, and much more! I can confidently navigate you through each step while keeping it fun as well!