About Fermin

As a full time real estate professional I have the time and dedication to listen and understand your goals to serve all of your real estate needs with passion and confidence. With my in-depth experience of your local market coming from full time work at a Norwalk real estate appraisal firm I have the knowledge to accomplish your real estate endeavors. If its a home that needs to be sold I can make sure its priced for results, or if youre looking for your dream home I will be sure you are getting the most value for your dollar.

With my own passion and involvement in the real estate investment community as well as membership and personal coaching of the CT Real Estate Investors Association, I also specialize in working with aggressive real estate investors to find investment properties or to represent sellers of rehab properties. With the education Ive received through the Association I have learned and practiced unique marketing strategies and techniques to both find distressed properties as well as quick-sale marketing strategies to get the savvy investor in-and-out of a rehab project quickly or to get a good deal on a cash flow investment property.

Above all, I am here to listen to your specific needs, your best interests and find the home of your dreams where you and your loved ones will spend memorable moments and live a happy life. I look forward to assist you, not only as an agent, but as your friend!

Please reach me anytime via the "Contact Fermin" button - I look forward to speaking with you!


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Working with a local appraiser for years, I gained lots of insight into today's real estate market. I am committed to dedicate the time you deserve when you need me the most at any time, any day with any questions you may have.

In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my family, as I know they are an important part of life. In a transitional path throughout the years adapting from a latin culture to the american life, I've had the pleasure of having the taste of both worlds to form a well rounded multicultural understanding.

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