About Larry

Larry is a second-generation real estate agent and has been residing in the South Bay for 15 years now. Larry and his professionals have been involved with all types of real estate transactions since 1976, and is most commonly involved luxury real estate.

Larry specializes in a wide variety of transactions including trust, bankruptcy, divorce, HUD properties, standard and short sales. Larry became a full time real estate agent after spending 17 years in the web development marketing field. This experience not only allows him to market properties effectively but also has enabled Larry to manage multiple parties, timelines and pressing deliverables.

Deciding to follow in his mothers footsteps and extend his family real estate brand down to Southern California. Larry learned the industries in and outs by helping his mothers brokerage business grow in the bay area. Along with his extensive professional team, Larry has successfully become one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated real estate agents in Southern California.

The successful sale or purchase of a home begins with the right agent. That agent needs to know your needs and wants in the perfect home for you. We are here to do exactly that. Larry works tirelessly to keep the process of buying or selling a house straight forward, clear, and simplified.


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With my attentiveness to details, persistence in the navigation process, and my team of relentless negotiators we are certain to find you the home that fits you perfectly. If you are looking to sell your home my office has the highest qualified experience to get you the price you are looking for.

  • Luxury Real Estate, West Hollywood and the beach cities but I have done transactions all across the Los Angeles area.