About Jeffrey

I love meeting people, I love to look at houses. I'm not that average Realtor, I answer my phone! I will listen to you, I will show you what you asked to see, and I will be on time to meet you, I am dedicated full time realtor. I will treat you like a precious gem, a diamond. If you would like to know more about me, please search Facebook. I'm open to every one. I want you to know who I am and what I believe in. Looking for a home and buying one is an exciting process. I love helping people realize their dream and goal. Call me. I AM AVAILABLE!

Why do I want to be your Sales Person? Because I am a PROFESSIONAL! I enjoy sales and I enjoy working as one and requires and your knowing I have the knowledge and confidence to have what it takes to walk up to people that you've never met to find out who they are, what kind of things they like, and show them properties that they might not have seen or thought about purchasing without my help. I make and have made more new friends through my work as a real estate agent than in any other work. Making customers your friends means more repeat "sales" every day, week, or month!

I would like to offer you some of my dedicated service ~ click on the "Contact Jeffrey" button today!


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I'm a gay male I care about people very much. I try very hard to help clients of all kinds. I've been involved in gay communities for a long time now. I love making people happy finding that new home. I onlt ask that you meet with me in person, I will show you how easy I am to get a long with I'm very down to earth type of person. Lets chat :)

  • I'm not new to selling, I'm a sales person when it come to getting the best deal for my clients. I've been selling for 18 years now I'm not a robot I know the people I meet and help are the most important to me.