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Jonathan - Gay Real Estate Agent - Norwalk, CA

Real Estate in California is very interesting, every home is different and unique in its own way. As a local agent in Southern California I have privilege to see many different type of homes. It is hard for me to describe who I am but people ha...

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Norwalk, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Norwalk, California, is a suburb of Los Angeles and part of the Greater LA area. With almost 110,000 citizens of its own, Norwalk is a good sized city in and of itself. Out of that population, there are a number of same-sex couples plus several gay bars, clubs, and other LGBT-owned businesses. Because it’s near LA and the major gay and lesbian areas there, Norwalk doesn’t have its own gay ghetto. The city’s main employers are the education, healthcare, and retail sectors. A nu more.......................