About Rezhe

Rezhe is a REALTOR in California and in Missouri. She has a proven record of supporting clients through strategic approaches while keeping the clients interests first, which speaks to the many successes she has had in the real estate industry.

After graduating from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Rezhe worked in homeless services, financial education, and as a loan officer for local nonprofits. While working in community development in St. Louis, Rezhe led several community initiatives to assist residents in the historic Ville neighborhood and managed a lease-purchase program, while also obtaining a Missouri Real Estate license . Several months later she relocated to Long Beach, CA and received her license to sell real estate in California.

Rezhe spends her free time consulting new charitable organizations on how to effectively form and operate a 501(c)3 organization. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, and outdoor activities.


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Licensed Real Estate Agent in California and Missouri

  • First-time Homebuyers, New Investors, Buyers, Sellers