About David

I've found that buying or selling real estate in the Northern California market is usually the combination of 3 things: Finances, Strategy and Emotions. It's usually not just one thing, but some part of all three. Decisions shouldn't be based only on spreadsheets and comps, or even just emotions for that matter, that creates imbalance. Over the years I've helped both buyers and sellers navigate and find the right balance of all three to help each of them achieve their real estate goals. In addition I have an "SOP" (Standard of Practice) that I won't represent both sides on a transaction, Im just not convinced that it can be done and still represent both sides equally, fairly and without bias. I would rather have a second agent involved to make sure both parties are represented equally again, fairness and balance.

You should ALWAYS feel and know your agent is on your side. I live here at the coast with my partner and care about our community. From the moment we meet at an open house or when the for sale sign goes up in your front yard, Ill guide you through the process, step by step.

Work with an agent who lives here, work with your coastside neighbor, work with someone who cares. Work with David.


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