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How do I find a gay-friendly realtor in a new city?

Relocating to a new city can be exciting and energizing. It can also be a huge chore, loaded with unanticipated expense and bureaucracy. You want to be sure your methods for finding that perfect new place don’t lead you into a water-damaged condo with questionable previous owners or into a neighborhood that has plenty of “baggage.”.

To snatch up that perfect place, you need the best representation available. This is especially true if you are LGBT and your specifications demand more than a dusty doormat that says, “welcome.” Just be sure you don’t sell yourself short—find a real estate agent that is vetted gay-friendly, and start your search by casting a broad net..

Gay or straight, the best ways to find a realtor haven’t changed much.

Before your move, do your research. Some of the best results come through word of mouth. If you have friends or family already living in your new city, see if they can’t recommend a suitable agent. If an agent is truly exceptional, you should expect to hear their praises interminably sung by your friends..

You might even go so far as to seek out an established, gay or gay-friendly realtor in your home city. Many will be happy to help, and most realtors will tell you that they are in the business of connections. A short consultation with your local gay-friendly realtor could yield big results. Even realtors who aren’t categorically “gay-friendly realtors,” are very likely to show you the way to a realtor who specializes in gay-friendly real estate services..

Keep your eyes peeled.

Do the no-brainer homework and search out an agent on your own. Check your local paper or favorite gay-friendly magazine or gay Internet magazine for real estate adds promoting gay and gay-friendly agents. You are likely to find realtors who specialize in more than just gay real estate. They know idiosyncrasies of the neighborhoods they work in because, well, that’s their job..

Demand a REALTOR® agent.

As part of the National Association of Realtors, the REALTORS organization is comprised of accredited and highly accomplished realtors from across the country. The REALTOR logo guarantees a polished professionalism that translates into superior service and results. Importantly, The National Association of Realtors has a code of ethics that strictly prohibits discrimination against same-sex couples..

When in doubt, or just in case - search online.

Search engines are so incredibly sophisticated all you need to do is go online and enter a handful of queries like, “gay realtors in Boston.” Toe a happy medium between the overtly specific like, “west harlem two bedroom gay friendly pets,” and the other extreme, “realtor new york city.” What’s more, it may help to search for award winning or top agencies within the city you are planning on relocation..

Great options like are available online too. If search engines aren’t yielding the results you like, you are certain to find a reputable, gay-friendly realtor here.. is gay owned and operated, and gay-friendly real estate website that has been in business of 20+ years. They operate nationally, and are the gay and gay-friendly equivalent of the REALTORS organization in scope, experience and ethics. Their connections, gay-forward business model and years of real estate experience are made available in one-click..