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Why there will never be a better time to buy a home in your lifetime.

There will never be a better time to buy a home in your lifetime. This is it, the once in a generation time for those who thought home ownership may not be a possibility, to see it come to fruition. This is the time to bring home ownership into your family and change your family legacy..

The economy has struggled in significant ways over the last 3-4 years and the housing market is now ripe for new home buyers. Housing markets have been so impacted that prices are now in the hands of buyers. It truly is a buyer’s market in a vast majority of cities in the country, where you can get the house that just 5 to 10 years ago would have been out of reach for you..

Remember that an investment in a house today bought at a low, low market price will, with historic low interest rates, will continue to pay dividends to your net worth as the market rebounds and the house you bought rises in value. This is truly an investment in your future; you buy low with the promise of one day owning your home outright..

Home ownership is one of the best returns on your investment that American has..

The banking industry, while more restrictive in their lending than in the past, are offering once in a lifetime low interest rates, under 4%! So if you qualify for a home mortgage, your payments are sure to be lower than monthly rent..

Lenders are eager to loan money if you do the work to make yourself worthy ~ Your Realtor will provide you a list of the items you need, and a referral to an outstanding lender that stands in full support of our community. A brief visit with a lender over the phone can yield the answers to what you need to do to qualify for your home loan. Take that information and formulate a plan to bring yourself into compliance with what the bank needs to lend you the money that they so desperately need to lend!.

Remember, you are helping them when you borrow money, and they are helping you achieve your goals. It is a win-win situation for you and the bank..

As everyone scrambles to dump their current debt and begin the rebuilding process people who have put off home buying are prime candidates to take advantage of this, the best time in their lifetime to buy a home..

Home sellers are selling for a reason. You’ll find them more eager to pay closing costs, make repairs or even further drop their price. Once again, remember that you are looking to help the seller as well as yourself. Help them to get out from under their current mortgage as you are going into yours. It is in their best interest to negotiate and help you..

As said earlier, this is a buyer’s market. You can claim your right to the American dream of home ownership ~ Visit, enter your city and state and choose the perfect agent that will offer you FREE buyers representation in your home purchase..

When the economy completely rebounds from the crisis of the last half dozen years, housing prices will rise ~ it’s happening in markets across the country already. And as the housing market speeds up, interest rates will go up too..

Waiting even a year to purchase a home will change not only the amount of house you get for the money, but also how much you pay for that house!.

Do not delay in getting your plan of action together ~ Do not delay in acting on your plan ~ Do not miss this opportune time to buy a house!.

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