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Where Gay and Lesbian Comic Book Characters Live

The Bat Cave. Avengers Tower. The Fortress of Solitude. These are just a few of the famous superhero headquarters and homes that fill the pages of comic books by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and other publishers. But not every superhero can afford mansions like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. Some have to live in more humble abodes. This includes most of the gay and lesbian characters you’ll find in the pages of modern comics. While LGBTQ characters are becoming more and more prominent in comics, there aren’t many who are incredibly rich or have huge homes. If these characters had to go house-hunting, where would a gay real estate agent take them?.


In the New 52 DC Comics universe, Batwoman has gone from one of Bruce Wayne’s many potential love interests to a lesbian. When she’s not out battling villains, Kate Kane is busy making a life with her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, who she later proposes to. If a gay realtor were showing these two around, they would probably want to see cute houses that include enough space for an exercise room for the masked vigilante and police officer. Because Kate’s father married a wealthy woman, she may not have too much difficulty in securing their down payment. Of course, that’s assuming Kate would give up her penthouse..

Northstar, aka Jean-Paul Beaubier, is perhaps Marvel’s most famous out gay superhero. He was one of the first gay heroes to appear in any American comic book. His marriage to his long-term boyfriend Kyle Jinadu even took center stage in Astonishing X-Men #51 in June of 2012. So where would this Alpha Flight and X-Man want to live with his new husband? He’s originally from Canada, so he might want to talk to gay realtors about relocating somewhere with a colder climate. He and Kyle would also want a home with at least one guest room so his twin sister Jeanne-Marie could come and visit. Since Northstar can fly, a home with a few remote-controlled skylights might be a nice perk, too..


Billy Kaplan and his boyfriend Teddy Altman, also known as Wiccan and Hulking of the Young Avengers, are two of Marvel’s new, young gay superheroes. They certainly don’t have any trust funds or even actual jobs yet—they’re both 18 and just beginning their superhero lives. The two were living with Billy’s parents at one point (Teddy’s parents—Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell and Skrull Princess Anelle—are both dead), but the two young adults will want to move out on their own eventually. They’ll find a great gay realtor who will find them an apartment in their price range that could serve double duty as the Young Avenger’s secret hideout..

No matter where gay and lesbian superheroes live, they can always count on finding a few gay realtors to help them find the perfect home. Whether they need a secret lair or a place to take off their capes and just relax, the perfect home is out there for all of them..













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