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When Buying a Home, Does It Matter Which Realtor I Use?

If you are an LGBT home buyer looking for a home in a friendly, progressive and politically conscious neighborhood, then the real estate agent that you choose should also be from “the community” or at the very least sympathetic and familiar with LGBT issues such as feeling welcome as a couple in a neighborhood, being treated fairly and representing you fully, without reservation, during the home-buying process..

If you are wondering why this matters so much it is because in the real estate business cash is king! There are ethical, “awake” and socially aware agents out there and some not likely to care that much about your personal happiness or that all of your needs are met, or that you are represented fully, in an open, honest and professional manner.  A number of sales agents in any profession only care about walking away with a commission or meeting a quota to get a bonus..

Some real estate agents will tell you anything to sell a house. You could encounter a “fantabulist” that is attempting to earn a substantial commission on a home by telling you what you want to hear – that the area is full of LGBT-friendly, cafes, theaters, clubs, gyms and neighbors when it may populated by individuals that give you a wide girth when they encounter you on a sidewalk, and who won’t take your reservations at the golf club..

In fact, in the United States, there is a fifty-fifty chance that the owner of the house that gets your hard earned money, tithe 10% of their income to community and political causes that actively work against our LGBT community.  The agent too, may donate part of their income to a political campaign that does not support gay marriage or does not recognize LGBT rights ~ we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars..

Know whom you are working with before you hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars on a purchase or sale transaction so you do not accidentally support LGBT oppression.  Take the time to find a real-estate agent at a free service like which lists the profiles of LGBT agents everywhere in the country who have been pre-screened and rated by the past LGBT community they have served. .

As an LGBT buyer you are making an investment. You need to make sure, as much as possible, that the money you invest in a new property is also not going to be invested in the political and social mechanism that actively works against LGBT rights..

You could also encounter a mortgage broker that believes that gay couples should pay higher interest rates and fees or who refuses to give you a break in any way. Passing on financial duress is one way that society expresses contempt for the LGBT community..

Before you work with an agent, make sure that they work with an LGBT/LGBT friendly house inspector and a proven LGBT advocate for mortgage financing..

If you need to confirm the legitimacy of an LGBT-friendly agent then ask directly for referrals and testimonials from LGBT couples that he or she has worked with in the recent past. A truly gay friendly agent will be able to give you many names of many happy clients..

No matter how charismatic or positive a real-estate agent seems you should never trust the biggest investment you will ever make to an agent who may misrepresent themselves, a neighborhood or property, or is just not educated on the specific needs, wants and desires of our community..

Make sure your money is likely to be invested in causes that work directly for the progress of the LGBT community ~ not spending that $5.00 at Chick-fil-A has apparently made a difference in their corporate policies… time will tell. Let’s ensure we’re spending our $50,000.00 or $500,000.00 in a similar thoughtful manner..

 Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of Free Instant Access to the Nation’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast offering FREE Buyers Representation..