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What home improvements add the most value, with the least investment?

So, what home improvements add the most value, with the least investment? If you’re thinking about selling your home, this is a reasonable question to ask. Even if you are not thinking about selling right away, you might be wondering which improvements have the most impact and offer a reasonable chance of recovering the cost, without making a major investment..

First, consider your home's current paint and wallpaper. If the walls are in bad shape, or the colors and wallpaper are dated, fresh paint can add quite a bit to your home's value. Patch and sand to fill cracks, cover holes, and remove any irregularities. Choose a neutral color except for maybe a splash of color on one wall, and break out the paint brushes. Doing the job yourself makes this a low-cost improvement with a huge impact..

Our gay realtor experts consistently point to kitchens and bathrooms as the improvements offering the best return on investment. Of course, they are usually talking about big-ticket upgrades and remodeling. However, not all upgrades require a big investment..

  • If a total kitchen remodel is beyond your budget, cabinets can be resurfaced or even a coat of paint with new hardware.
  • Counters can be upgraded to stone which are sold by the square foot, if your kitchen is not very large, or even new laminate at a few hundred dollars, replacing the counters might be reasonably inexpensive.
  • If your kitchen or bath faucets leak or simply look old, replacements can be inexpensive. Installing new faucets is relatively easy to do. With some additional effort, a bathroom vanity can be replaced.

For your home homes closets, there are a variety of storage upgrades to make better use of the space including reasonably-priced closet organizers that are sold as ready-to-assemble units. Organized roomy closets make a huge difference..

If your home has hardwood floors, have them refinished to make them look "as good as new" (plan on about $1.50 per square foot for refinishing)..

In some cases, simple maintenance is an improvement that adds value. Make the yard immaculate: add mulch, pull weeds, and fertilize the grass. Maintaining a nice yard does not have to be expensive and it adds curb appeal ~ it’s the first thing potential buyers see. Look at simple things like the mailbox and entry light fixtures..

Here is one suggestion for a home improvement that has negative cost: get rid of things you no longer need! Have a garage sale; let other people pay you to get rid of things, or donate them to charity; you know, practicing the law of circulation. Seriously, getting rid of unnecessary items will make your home look bigger. Clutter and just “too much stuff” is the #1 issue our gay realtors have to confront when listing a home. Less is better..

Of course the improvements that add the most value with the least investment will be determined by the parts of your home that need help. When you attack a problem area of your home, value is added..

If you need a professional opinion and guidance about making improvements to your home, prior to listing it for sale, one of the many professional gay realtors at will be happy to provide you a free consultation..

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