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Two Real Estate Resolutions for the LGBT Community

Kicking off the New Year – and ushering in a brand new decade – is a huge transition for everyone. It is also a great opportunity to revisit our goals, redefine our dreams, and honor the thriving, vibrant spirit of LGBT communities. So here are two easy ways to make real estate transactions more successful in 2010..


Help Build and Promote a LGBT Neighborhood.

A big part of the process of expanding LGBT communities is to reach out and invite others into those cities, towns, neighborhoods, and enclaves – while simultaneously celebrating great places for LGBT individuals to live and work. So why not become proactive by sharing the important knowledge and information you have about what makes those particular places outstanding and special? In 2010 it’s easy, thanks to an innovative forum that is entirely devoted to energizing existing LGBT neighborhoods and expanding the global LGBT community..

The decade we just experienced will be remembered primarily for social networking technologies. After all, the word chosen as the “Word of the Decade” was Google – which is used both as a noun and a verb. So it is fitting that as the decade came to a close a new site dedicated to social networking for real estate – – was launched..

Now those who want to “google” their way to a fabulous LGBT neighborhood can do so with just a few clicks of the computer mouse. The entire site is a venue for the exchange of valuable information about LGBT destinations – whether that means a “gay ghetto” or an entire metropolitan area. Log on to the site to contribute insights or read comments left by others who have personal experience of LGBT locations. Doing so is absolutely free and offers everyone a detailed insider’s perspective..

The site was not set up as an advertising gimmick or other skewed commercial purpose, either, so those who visit and use it can trust the information that’s posted there. Those LGBT community members who host and manage the site first screen all comments before they are posted, to ensure that they do not contain hype, marketing ploys, or other distracting or unwanted info. What the site does offer is a chance for those who use the increasingly popular site to enjoy an easy opportunity to get to know their global LGBT neighbors – and neighborhoods – while also leaving their own helpful feedback..

Users who register on can also be assured that the site will never share their personal information with anyone, for any reason, without first getting explicit written permission. That makes the site more comfortable to use, but it also helps to ensure that those who post feedback can do so anonymously. They can speak their minds, in other words, and give the kind of candid details and reviews about LGBT real estate destinations that may be hard to uncover elsewhere..


Take Advantage of Expert LGBT Help.

Meanwhile there is still an unpredictable and challenging outlook for the economy and plenty of uncertainty still influences the real estate markets and the mortgage finance sector. So LGBT buyers and sellers will want to rely on the best qualified and most experienced professionals to minimize risk and ensure smooth transactions. Supporting others in the LGBT community by using LGBT and LGBT-friendly professionals is a time-tested and cooperative way to strengthen any LGBT community. Plus it ensures that those who need advice or assistance will get it from others who genuinely understand their situation from a unique LGBT perspective..

Even as we enter a new and progressive decade the unfortunate fact remains that ignorance of important LGBT concerns is still alive and well in some people’s minds – and discrimination still rears its ugly head from time to time and is a valid concern for those who are LGBT. We have come a long way, for sure. But one has to look no further than the marriage rights issue to understand that there is still a long journey ahead. Although a handful of states have legalized gay marriage, for example, none of them achieved those victories through popular vote. Changes instead happened through the passage of new laws by state legislators. So despite the fact that many lawmakers now support gay rights, the majority of the general voting public is still not supportive of equal rights for their fellow LGBT citizens..

So those who are buying, selling, leasing, or taking out a mortgage still need to consider the importance of working with a professional who understands and specializes in LGBT issues and is experienced at representation of LGBT clients and customers..

Find a great LGBT neighborhood through the and then make it yours with the help of Realtors, lenders, and attorneys who understand not just their professions but also your circumstances. That helps to empower and support the greater LGBT community and will also ensure that our 2010 is a great success..

For expert help with all your real estate needs, find professionals devoted to the LGBT community at and, or call toll free 1-888-420-MOVE (6683)..