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Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Cities in America for 2012

For gay and lesbian couples all over America it is important for them to find the right location to live. Finding a gay friendly city is not too difficult to do in most states, but the LGBT Community does tend to favor certain states over others for their acceptance of the LGBT community, LGBT neighborhoods, and fun activities to do together..

Here is our list of 10 most gay friendly cities in America..

1. San Francisco, CA. This is a no-brainer. San Francisco is well-known for having a very vibrant gay community, gay pride parades, and being a symbol of gay freedom and equality all over the world and America. Finding a gay-friendly neighborhood in San Francisco is easy, the people are very open and welcoming to gay couples, and there are plenty of activities to do with your partner..

2. New York, New York. Another popular destination for gay couples is New York City. Chelsea Heights, which is located in downtown Manhattan, has a very large gay population, and many businesses and restaurants owned by gay couples. It said up to 25% of the residents in Chelsea Heights are gay or lesbian. It’s New York City too, so there’s an endless amount of gay night clubs and LGBT events to attend..

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is one of the best kept secrets in the gay community with its gay-friendly bed & breakfasts and handful of popular gay night clubs. If you ever wanted to live and visit New Mexico then you will love Albuquerque..

4. Kansas City, Missouri. Do you and your partner have a thing for living in the nation’s heartland? Then try Kansas City, Missouri. This small town doesn’t have as big or public gay scene as some of the more commonly known cities but it does have its fair share of gay night clubs and gay friendly locations. From what we have heard, the community in Kansas City is very warm to gay couples. While not the biggest gay town in America, it is certainly acceptable for those living in the middle of it..

5. Salt Lake City, Utah. Like skiing? Like movies? Then try Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City offers incredible skiing packages for you and your partner. Salt Lake City is also home to the Sundance Film festival which is notoriously known for its gay audience. Even though Salt Lake City is dominated by Mormons who on the outside don’t appear too warm to gays, there is a surprising amount of tolerance in this town with many restaurants and night clubs for the LGBT audience. ..

6. Fort Worth, Texas. Have a thing for Texas? Then try Fort Worth, home too many arts festivals, gay bars, and cultural events. The city is very open-minded, loves the arts, from what we here the National Cowgirl Museum * Hall of Fame is a great place to meet the girls..

7. Sacramento, California. The other side of California is home to another popular gay-friendly city in Sacramento. Sacramento is home to dozens of gay bars, gay-owned accommodations, and cultural festivals. This laid back town is great for living, or even just visiting..

8. Detroit, Michigan. Although Detroit has been falling in recent years it is home one of the best gay neighborhoods in the country. Ferndale and Royal Oak are popular neighborhoods for the gay community. There is also an endless amount of cultural treasures to explore in this storied town..

9. New Hope, Pennsylvania. Although not a major city, New Hope has one of the highest gay populations in the country. Its cultural environment, gay-owned restaurants, and liberal population make you feel like part of the majority if you are gay. The amount of art, fancy restaurants, and clean settings is great for virtually any gay couple..

10. Boston, MA. Probably one of the most liberal towns in America, Boston has an outstanding scene for gay bars, gay night clubs, and gay pride events. You also are in Massachusetts where you can wed with your partner if you choose..

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