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The Best Beach Communities for Killer Low Real Estate Prices

There are many beach communities in the United States that offer all the beauty and amenities that you could ever ask for, however you have to pay out the nose to live there. If you’re feeling the economic crunch along with the rest of world, you may have limited options available:.

1. Win the lottery..

2. Marry Donald Trump or one of his kids..

3. Move to a developing nation with no electricity or running water where the dollar is still worth something...

Along the Northeast Continental United States the reputation for beach front property and beach community is akin to the reputation for champagne and caviar. You want the Hamptons, but your budget screams Jersey shore. Travel a few miles away from these hot spots and you can find low cost beach communities actually exist in this market… Old Orchard Beach, Maine is an example of such a community with plenty of room for you. The housing crisis forced many people to rethink their second homes and "sell, sell, sell!" was heard across Maine. You can now find affordable, even cheap real estate where none was available ten years ago. Give it a look; you'll see that it's worth the extra mile..

The Gulf of Mexico has a reputation in Florida for pricey, hot and flashy, yet little to no return on your investment. Move across the state borders to Alabama and you'll find the same bright blue water, brilliant climate, and friendly neighborly attitudes you expect from Florida at a fraction of the price..

The prices of real estate dropped significantly in an already low buyers market in Gulf Shores, Alabama within the last decade. The food is amazing, the people are warm, and the real estate price, you ask? It goes without saying; you will get a deal that returns to you 3X what you invested..

The West coast of the United States has nestled within its various terrains the very pricey, the millionaire's club, the retiree’s dreams, and surprisingly right next door to those gorgeous vistas comparably gorgeous and relatively inexpensive real estate that easily doubles as income generating rental property. You can't afford San Francisco but don't want to live in Oakland, realize that just a few miles north on the 1 there are vast expanses of cheap and untapped territory..

Need a colder climate but still want the offerings of the beach community? Ocean Shores, Washington is a community filled with potential. It houses a world class hotel and world class beaches with no crowds for most of the year..

Now is the time to explore and investigate the amazing beach opportunities coast to coast ~ Contact a Realtor® at and let your life begin!..

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