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Obama ~ Weakened credit due to recession, should not prevent home purchase.

During the early 2000’s, the government and Wall Street requested banks and mortgage companies to lower their standards and give creative loans to people with bad or marginal credit. However, they did not get expected results and we are still trying to recover from the bad effects of it. Fortunately, things changed within the past few years, thanks to the Obama Administration. Now President Obama is directly involved in pushing for more home loans available to the people with weaker credit.  This will assist more people to build their own home and enjoy the pleasure of living under their own roof..

From the research, it has been identified that young people who are looking to buy their first home face a wide range of difficulties because of weak credit records. The economic advisors of President Obama have understood this fact being the main reason behind this the implementation of new requests. The administration officials said that they are working hard to get the banks to lend to a variety of borrowers by taking advantage of taxpayer backed programs. Banks who offer home loans to the people with weak credit will have to face issues that are related to legal and financial recriminations ~ Obama officials are trying to provide assurance to the banks through the Justice Department, in order to eliminate this crisis..

Obama pledged in his State of the Union address to provide more opportunities for the people to have their own homes..

There are still millions of unsold housing units in the market; some neighborhoods in Nevada and Florida still look like ghost towns. So, it is the perfect time to push the marginal credit risks. Offering home loans to people with weak credit records can be considered as a wise step taken by the President, to increase the stability of the ever strengthening economy..

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