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LGBT Real Estate Tips take the Risk out of Relocation

As technology helps make the world a smaller place in which to live and do business, more members of the LGBT community find themselves able to live virtually anywhere – while telecommuting to work via laptops, Blackberries, and iPads. Others are moving from one place to another in search of a more advantageous job market, as the impact of high unemployment forces them to be more aggressive about overcoming obstacles in their career paths. Some are being relocated by corporate employers as a result of a promotion or additional managerial or executive responsibilities. Then there are those who simply want to move to the destination of their dreams and buy a home in a more vibrant, compatible, and interesting LGBT community..

But regardless of what it is that motivates a person, a couple, or a family to pack up and head off to a brand new city or town, the transition can be stressful and include some modicum of risk. Even people who just move across town, for example, often find that changing neighborhoods or school districts can bring unexpected challenges. Making a major move across state lines or over a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles – or relocating from a quaint rural setting to a thriving urban metropolis – can easily become a complicated and rather worrisome process..

That’s especially true for those who are LGBT, because members of the LGBT community often face issues that are unique and significant – including such unfortunate and troublesome personal experiences as a lack of acceptance or outright discrimination. The stress of insecurity and the frustration of unanswered questions can linger until one is actually settled into a place and has a chance to really get to know the community, its resources and support networks, and the LGBT amenities that are available there..

The solution to all of these potential problems is, of course, to already have a trusted LGBT friend or ally in the new area. That kind of person can offer inside information from personal experience. They can share the kind of insightful perspective that only a local who is totally familiar with the place can possibly provide..

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to get that kind of collaborative help is to hire a reputable and experienced LGBT Realtor. He or she can help with the house search and purchase while also offering guidance throughout the entire relocation process. Plus an active LGBT Realtor can provide valuable introductions to members of the local LGBT community. Just as the world of business and commerce is smaller thanks to communications technology, the global LGBT community is also a relatively tight-knit group. Practically speaking, those who want to make quick inroads into a LGBT community often have the best chance of doing so by just getting to know the local LGBT Realtors..

Realtors who specialize in relocation as knowledgeable experts typically cultivate and maintain a vast network of useful contacts, for example, because they are constantly involved in helping clients not just buy and sell homes but also establish their lives in new surroundings. They know the best moving company, the most reliable plumber, the favorite hair salon or florist, and where to go for yoga classes, wine tastings, or to get year-end taxes done..

But those who take the additional step of engaging the services of a Realtor who works primarily with LGBT clients will get added bonuses and benefits that cater to the LGBT lifestyle..

LGBT Realtors generally know practically everyone in the local LGBT population through their work, so suddenly it’s like being introduced to an entire community through a proactive LGBT community ambassador. While any competent relocation agent will be familiar with the features of an area, for instance, an experienced LGBT relocation agent will additionally understand the specifically LGBT-friendly features of that area. They don’t just know the best house painters, in other words, but they also know the best LGBT house painters. While any broker knows the good nightclubs, a LGBT brokers knows the outstanding gay bars. Whereas any real estate agent can offer help with finding a creative mortgage lender, a LGBT agent will have a list of lenders who each have a stellar track record of making great loans to openly LGBT couples..

Brochures and guidebooks are helpful, no doubt. Visits to the Chamber of Commerce are informative. A stroll around the city and an afternoon spent chatting with shop owners and neighbors can generate some great ideas about the attitude and personality of a place. But there is really no substitute for having a professional team member who is completely immersed in the local LGBT scene..

That’s why savvy members of the LGBT community who are planning to relocate utilize resources such as,, and – websites uniquely designed to meet the needs of the global LGBT community. The information is free – but may prove to be absolutely invaluable..

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