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Gay Realtors 7 Tips for Living Green

Due to the environmental issues our planet is facing today, there are a large number of people who are trying to live their lives based on green energy principles..

We’ve created a list of things you can do to contribute in an easy way;.

Wash clothes with cold instead of hot water. Many people do not realize that using cold water during a wash cycle can save up to seventy-five percent on their monthly energy bill. It also helps to use a detergent or fabric softener that is labeled environmental friendly and is made of organic ingredients. This will help to cut down on excess chemical use and air pollution..

Use vinegar and water to clean kitchen floors and counter tops, instead of using brand name cleaners that contain a lot of harmful toxins. Doing this will immediately help purify the air in your home, which will also help to reduce potential respiratory problems..

Install an automated heating and cooling thermostat. This will always ensure that your home is evenly heated or cooled, and it will also help prevent hot water tanks and air conditioners units from overheating..

When it comes to energy savings on electronics, most people would be surprised to know how much energy and money they can save just by shutting down their cable converter or computer system every night. In most households today, people hardly ever shut down their computer or cable converter systems. This is because most of them believe that if the computer or converter box is turned off, then it is not using any electricity. However, this is not the case. On average, leaving a converter box or computer system plugged into the wall each night will add about five to ten percent extra to a monthly electric bill..

While on the subject of electronic equipment, it should also be noted that laptops use much less energy than traditional desktop systems..

Replace all outdated shower heads and faucets. Doing this will not only cut down on heating usage, but it will also save money on the water bill..

Make the easy switch from incandescent to CFL or LED bulbs, which use 75% less energy and last 9 years longer than incandescent bulbs..

Additional green living tips also include, using low toxic varnishes and paints, eliminate excessive moisture on windows to prevent mold, keep all vents and crawlspaces clean and also purchase green energy appliances..

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