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Gay Realtor Top 10 LGBT Economic Powerhouse Cities to Live

According to gay realtor in terms of having economic strength, physical capital, a financially mature local economy and effective institutions, here are the Top 10 LGBT Cities to live in. There are many gay friendly areas in North America but not all of them are as immune to the recession or can offer a secure, comfortable future in quite the same way that these city centers do..

1. New York City..

This famous metropolis offers numerous gay-friendly neighborhoods, solid real estate values, an abundance of jobs, and a café society that supports LBBT interests. There are also numerous support groups and professionals in the New York area that make living here well worth it. NYC is also one of the most competitive hot-spots in the world according to a top city annual report put out by The Economist known as Hot Spots: Benchmarking Global City Competitiveness, written by the corporate team known as The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2012..

2. Washington, D.C..

Gay realtor reports Washington D.C. as a wealthy gay-friendly city with a solid infrastructure and a great deal of physical capital ensuring the community stays a prosperous place. This is an incredibly busy town that is ideal for careerists who want to make a lot of money.   The Economist Intelligent Unit rates Washington the eighth hottest economic spot in the entire world..

3. Chicago.

The number three best city to live in is Chicago, which is a city that rates in the top ninety percent when it comes to physical capital and financial material. This progressive town is also supportive to LBGT concerns and has a solid gay community, gay resources and many gay neighborhoods like Boystown. It weighs in at number 9 on The Economist’s hot spot list of best places to live in the world..

4. Boston.

The number four best city to live in would be Boston with its pastoral living seaside. The influence of academic institutions here keeps the attitude progressive and it is a place known for being developed by early settlers who are now well heeled. Boston has a very supportive social services infrastructure as well as many gay-friendly neighborhoods that are well worth an investment and will retain their value well..

5. San Francisco.

Fifth is San Francisco, which has an incredibly strong and legendary activist LBGT community with many gay neighborhoods, including the Castro, and easy access to international trade and world economies ~ providing an abundance of opportunities for entrepreneurs and the working professionals. It is not doing as well in terms of new developments or financial solidity as New York or Chicago but it is still on The Economists 2012 list of hot spots to live at number 13..

6. Vancouver.

Vancouver is sixth on this list and rates 18 out of the top 100 cities in the world to invest in according to The Economist. If you’ve ever been to Vancouver you’ll recognize immediately why it makes the list. A progressive, international city with an abundance of outdoor and nature based businesses and activities to live life abundant, and in balance. Of course we're also reminded of the enormous economy and great international wealth in the city..

7. Los Angeles.

Seventh is Los Angeles, which is always developing ~ and has stretches of developing properties everywhere that you look.  Some neighborhoods are better than others in terms of infrastructure and services offered, but the entirety of Los Angeles is as progressive as New York and San Francisco when it comes to gay rights, however it is not as financially strong as those two gay real estate strongholds, with the recent economic meltdown, But with any downturn comes amazing opportunities to make a great deal of money and invest in businesses and real estate at historic lows..

8. Montreal.

Eighth is Montreal, which is known for its café society and very strong LGBT presence. Montreal was called "Canada's Cultural Capital" by Monocle and recently was named a UNESCO City of Design. Montreal is an important centre of commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, film and world affairs, which makes it a power player in our top 10 list..

9. Houston.

Houston is an arts and culture based town and the home to several medical universities and institutions. A big draw to Houston is the incredibly affordable real estate, and abundance of new housing developments. Houston is gay-friendly and is known for its institutional effectiveness and golf courses. It ranks ninth in the top ten LGBT cities to live in and is number 23 on the Economist list of hot spots in the world..

10. Seattle.

The tenth best LGBT place to live in North America is Seattle. Seattle is a flourishing metropolis driven by a diverse and resilient economy, strong entrepreneurial spirit and historically vital business sectors. It ranks at 29 out of 100 globally on The Economist’s hot spot list and is one of the most gay-friendly and culturally progressive cities in North America ~ ranking in as one of gay realtor personal favorites..