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Gay Realtor's 6 Least Affordable Cities to Buy a Home

Being able to find a home that suites your needs and still is in your price range can be very tricky in some cities in America, according to our gay realtors..

Merlin Parker, Gay Realtor ~ Denver, CO tells us “people are always surprised by the price of housing in Denver ~ many people moving to the Mile Hi city are expecting great bargains, but Denver did not experience the huge decline in home prices that much of the rest of the country did over the past 4-5 years.”.

Well Denver is not in the list of the most expensive cities, but listed below are the 6 most expensive cities ~ in terms of the cost of housing, according to our gay real estate experts..

We’ll start with the least expensive of the group, at number six..

6.  Santa Ana, California. Santa Ana has a beautiful beach line that stretches across the city; of course living next to the coast is always costly, and it should be no surprise to see more than one California City on this list. Average home prices in Santa Ana are in the $350,000.00 range, down from a high of $490,000.00 in 2008, according to

5. Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu primarily because it is such an isolated place and is surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery and open water. At $516,000.00 home values here have not taken the hit that homes have in the mainland over the past 4-5 years..

4. Stamford, Connecticut. Stamford happens to be a very beautiful city with average home price of $555,000.00. Stamford is in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk Metro area, part of the Greater New York metro area..

3. San Jose California. Once again it is right on the coast line, has beautiful scenery with an amazing year round climate, and an average home price around $721,000.00..

2.  San Francisco, California. San Francisco because it is one of the largest and most diverse cities ~ a true entrepreneurial spirit flourishes, in addition to it being one of America’s power house cities, and it attracts tons of tourism. The average home price in the bay area is over $800,000.00 dollars..

And number one on the list of the most expensive cities to buy a home is New York City, New York. New York has the most expensive average home price at 1.27 million dollars..

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