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Gay Realtor Report on Americas Most Affordable Gay Friendly Cities to Retire

Are you looking for an affordable, safe and gay-friendly town or city that offers a thriving housing market and interesting life-style?  Here is a look at some of the best places to settle down in according to gay realtor..

Albuquerque, New Mexico has good air quality, great weather and wonderful adobe and colonial architecture. This well-known gay community also has many doctors and a below average cost of living.  The area offers cheaper housing but it also has high unemployment so it is best suited for gay retirees..

Another affordable place to live is Austin, Texas, one of gay realtors’ favorites. Austin allows a more cosmopolitan life-style with many film festivals, music events and art epos. A perk to living here is no state income tax, below average cost of living and amazing year-round weather..

If affordable housing in a place with good weather is a prerequisite of your retirement then Corpus Christi, Texas is also certainly an option. This smaller city has a low cost of living, a growing economy and low housing costs.  However, the area does have a slightly higher crime rate than some other affordable friendly gay cities in the United States..

If you prefer a quainter more rustic way of living then gay realtor recommends Bloomington, Indiana as a good place to live. It is a progressive-minded university town with a stable economic history and a lower than average cost of living. The average cost of a home is quite affordable.  Bloomington is known for its very cold winters so it is best for older ski-bunnies, skaters and winter sports enthusiasts, and those with an appreciation for 4 seasons..

Fargo, North Dakota is another very charming place to live with a booming local economy (due to the natural gas industry), low cost of living and very cheap housing. However the climate is very cold. Outdoor sports are very much a part of living in this area that also has a very low crime rate..

If living in a place that is affordable with many doctors per capita then Columbia Missouri is an option. This small town boasts a growing economy and very low housing costs. The cost of living is way below average here as well. The only drawback is that the winters again are quite cold which can aggravate arthritis in older people.  However this is a University town with progressive attitudes that is quite gay-friendly and welcoming..

Another city with many doctors, low living and housing costs and a good economy is Knoxville, Tennessee, which tends to enjoy warm weather in the summer and a good year around climate ~ with Tennessee University and its 80,000 students, youth and progressive attitudes are abundant..

For a hotter climate, Pensacola, Florida may be ideal.  The living costs here are a little higher but the price of housing is lower. Insurance for homes is expensive because there is a high risk of hurricane exposure here.  There is an above-average quota of health care providers, and of course sunshine..

If you love hot weather gay realtor recommends living in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is a community located in a mountainous area that has beautiful mission style Spanish architecture, good air quality and very affordable housing.  However the drawback of living here is that there are fewer doctors per person available than in other gay-friendly retirement places recommended in this article..