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4 Great but Perhaps Lesser Known LGBT Destinations

Members of the LGBT are always excited to learn about new communities cropping up across the landscape of America. As the political and social scene in the USA continues to slowly but surely shift in the direction of real equality for everyone, LGBT neighborhoods are taking root, growing, and thriving in towns and cities throughout the country. But many of these wonderful places are relatively unknown and undiscovered..

In the month that commemorates Independence Day, here are four fantastic destinations that are also worth celebrating for their own brand of LGBT freedom. What makes these places somewhat unique and different is not just that they are so gay-friendly but that in some ways they have been able to stay more or less beneath the national “gay-dar.”.

All of them, by the way, have recently been ranked, praised, or otherwise included in at least one of those “best places” lists such as Money Magazine’s highly regarded “Best Places to Live.” So they offer all of the amenities one wants from a hometown or holiday getaway destination. Now they are also listed here among the best places for members of the LGBT community to live or enjoy a vacation..

Anchorage, Alaska.

The largest city in Alaska has a resilient economy, a relatively moderate climate, a vibrant modern nightlife, and some of the most magnificent natural scenery on earth. Anchorage sits within a valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains, pristine lakes, and abundant wilderness areas. The nearby Chugach Mountains rise to elevations of 10,000 feet, for example, and create a gorgeously dramatic backdrop for the glittering Anchorage skyline. Every year Anchorage also hosts the fun-filled Alaska Pride Fest, a celebratory event that includes a LGBT festival and gay pride parade..

Carrboro, North Carolina.

Just west of the university city of Chapel Hill is Carrboro, a small town with a bohemian attitude and a penchant for arts and culture. There is a downtown market district offering wonderful shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs – and everything is within easy walking distance. A former Carrboro mayor was among the first openly gay politicians in the South, and the locals say that he does not even own a car because he prefers to bike or walk. But that small town quality should not mislead anyone into thinking of Carrboro as totally rural and out of touch with the 21st century. The town is right in midst of North Carolina’s dynamic Research Triangle Park – which is rich with high-tech innovation and commerce..

Iowa City, Iowa.

Iowa City is the most progressive town in a state that legalized LGBT marriage last year, and in terms of LGBT per capita demographics it is one of the most gay-populated cities in the USA. Those who enjoy attractive architecture, historic buildings, a robust cultural center, and neighborhoods with tree-lined streets – all in a rather youthful university town – will easily find reasons to fall in love with Iowa City. The riverfront city’s downtown district bustles with great restaurants, clubs, bistros, and shops. But venture beyond the urban area and the landscape opens up to scenic hills, river valleys, and lush green forests..

Jacksonville, Florida.

Not only does Jacksonville have miles and miles of fabulous world-class Atlantic beaches, but it also boasts 80,000 acres of urban parks. There are plenty of great museums, botanical gardens, and golf courses – and the diverse community is supported by a large commercial and financial center. Jacksonville lies along the lovely St. John’s River with beautiful Amelia Island to the east and historic St. Augustine nearby. Ponte Vedra Beach, just outside Jacksonville, is yet another gorgeous area landmark that has been a favorite of LGBT vacationers for many years. So for a distinctly southern city with a somewhat northern feel, there is no place quite like gay-friendly Jacksonville or “Jax” Beach..

Although each of these is a wonderful place for members of the LGBT community to live or invest in a vacation home, they do not yet have the wild popularity of many more famous LGBT hotspots. But there are many other cities, towns, and neighborhoods that likewise remain somewhat undiscovered. Whatever people refer to them as – gay ghettos, lesbian enclaves, rainbow districts, or “gayborhoods” – they all represent diverse, fun, open-minded and welcoming communities..

But now those who uncover great LGBT communities can share them with America’s LGBT public by paying a free visit to the website and posting a review, comment, or description of that favorite place. The popular online resource is a community-based, community-built forum with no commercial hype or hidden agenda. Plus the personal identities of visitors remain strictly confidential. The purpose and goal of the site is to provide authentic, real life comments about various gay neighborhoods and to provide an interactive place to celebrate them. As people populate the website, in other words, they also help to populate LGBT communities across the USA..

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